User login problems


The following are some steps that System Admins can take when an user cannot access your Jostle intranet:

Check login status and settings

1. Click the Gear icon at the bottom of the main navigation bar and go to Administration settings > Contributor configuration > Edit/delete Contributors

2. Enter the user's name in the available field and confirm that the user exists and the name is correctly spelled. If the user's name appears in the Search results,  click the "Edit" link next to it . 

3. Check the invite status (see 1 in image below) to confirm that an invite was in fact sent. Also check that the disable option has not been checked (see 2 in image below).


NOTE - you can check the invite status for multiple users at Administration settings > Contributor Configuration > Check invitation status.

4. Check that the user received the invitation email, including checking his "junk" folder. If the invitation was sent, but the user didn't receive it, contact

NOTE - you can also re-invite a user from the Edit Contributor screen. Just scroll to the very bottom and click the "Save changes & invite now" link to generate another invite.


For people authenticating with Jostle credentials:

Keep in mind that the invitation expires in 14 days. You can always re-invite users via Administration settings > Contributor configuration > Invite Contributors.

If the user received the invitation but the password is not working, please ask the user to request a new password. 



For people authenticating with SSO:

First, make sure the user exists in your SSO system with the same Jostle username and he/she is active in your SSO system.

Possible solutions

  • Your metadata file in our system may be out of date. You'll need to send us your metadata file again.
  • The server time may be off. You'll need to make sure it’s synced with NIST time.




For people authenticating with Google:

First, make sure the user exists in your Google domain with the same Jostle username and he/she is active in your Google domain.

Possible solution

If your user has recently updated their Google email, a System Admin will need to send new invitation email to re-enable the user's login:

  1. Go to Contributor configuration > Edit/delete Contributors
  2. Search for the user, then click the blue EDIT link
  3. Scroll down through their Contributor details (double check that the new email has been entered) and then click 'Save changes & invite now' at the very bottom.



If you checked all these steps and the user still cannot access, please ask the contributor to clear browser's cookies and cache and try again. If the issue persists email us at



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