Weekly Digest email





Jostle generates a Digest email for each Contributor containing the following weekly content from their organization's intranet:

Featured Articles

  • up to 5 "pinned" articles
  • displayed in order of most viewed

News you may have missed

  • up to 5 unread articles
  • tailored to each Contributor
  • displayed in order of most viewed by others

Popular News items

  • up to 5 items (Articles, Polls, Albums, etc)
  • displayed in order of most likes

Upcoming Events

  • list of the coming week's Events
  • displayed chronologically

Public Discussions

  • features company-wide Discussions only
  • weighted by most posts


  • most-liked Shout-Outs of the week


  • biggest Bonuses of the week


  • newest items listed



The content of the Weekly Digest emails cannot be configured or customized.

Personalized upcoming Birthday and Anniversary announcements have been moved out of Digest and are now sent via direct "day-of" emails to recipients.

Managing Digest

Your organization's intranet Digest can be set up to be delivered on any day and time of the week. To set this, go to the Administration settings > Views and functions > Manage Digest email.

If you would rather disable sending the Digest for your whole organization, then uncheck the option “Send Digest...”.



If "Send Digest..." is checked off, then Contributors can opt not to receive them by unchecking the Digest option in the Emails section of their My Preferences. If you have branded your intranet with a unique name, it will be reflected on the name of the Digest in this section as well (as shown below).



NOTE—when the News view is set to "Staging" in Administration settings, News Articles will not show up within the Digest email.

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  • 0
    Harmony Larson

    I'd love to be able to customize the weekly digest email further to include things like new additions to the Library. Any more recent discussion about this topic?

  • 0
    Brad Palmer

    Hi Harmony,

    Thanks for the suggestion.

    We don't think it's a sustainable idea to facilitate customization of the Digest. Sounds like you would do a good job of this, but the vast majority of folks would not. The fact that Digest auto generates in a user relevant way is key.

    But we should indeed do a better job of featuring Library items in the Digest. You might want to suggest that in our feature request forum.


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