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The Jostle mobile app allows you to seamlessly connect to your organization while you are away from the office, putting the ability to connect with team members, view documents, read the latest company news, post web articles and more - right in the palm of your hand.


Table of contents

  1. App download
  2. One Drive and iCloud integration
  3. Support Center links


App download

The Jostle mobile app can be installed on iOS and Android devices.

To get the iOS mobile app

  1. Go to the App Store
  2. Search for "Jostle" 
  3. Tap 'GET' then 'INSTALL' the app
  • Required OS to install: iOS 7+
  • Official Support: iOS 8 or later

 To get the Android mobile app

  1. Go to the Play Store
  2. Search for "Jostle" 
  3. Install the app
  • Required OS to install: Android 4.0+
  • Official Support: Android 4.1 Jelly Bean or later

You can also access the App Store and Play Store downloads from the Jostle website.


One Drive and iCloud integration 


One Drive

For iOS and Android devices that have it installed and enabled, users can opt to upload files from Microsoft One Drive when they:

  • Tap "Image" in an Update or Shout-Out
  • Tap the paper clip icon to add an attachment to a Discussion



Users with iOS devices also have the ability to upload files from iCloud into a Discussion (also via the paper clip icon).


Support Center links


Throughout the Support Center are articles that contain alternate, mobile-specific information and/or workflows. 

Editing your profile in Mobile
Updating your profile picture in Mobile
Setting My Preferences in Mobile
Mobile settings for Online Location Indicator 
Creating Web Articles in Mobile
Using Search in Mobile
Using Activity in Mobile

NOTE - For information on Jostle for iPad, please see this article

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