Inviting and activating users


Once you have your platform set up and ready to go, you will want to start inviting the users you wish to activate. This is handled through the Administration Settings.

**We strongly recommend contacting your IT department to alert them that an email for each user will be sent from our domain "".  They may want to add our domain to an "allow list" (i.e., whitelist) ahead of time to avoid emails bouncing.


Inviting users in bulk

  1. Click on Admin Settings in the Main Navigation.
  2. Then go to User Accounts and Data > Invite Users
  3. Here you can select which users you would like to activate. The section under Users is the list of available users that can be activated. Any users moved to the right under Users to be invited will receive an invitation email to activate their Jostle account after you click the Send now button at the bottom of the screen.
  4. You can filter the list of available users by selecting a choice in the Filter by groups drop down.  You can choose things like location, people who have been invited but haven't activated their account yet, or people who haven't been invited yet.
  5. In a day or two, you may want to review which users have actually activated their accounts (logged in), see here for more info.


Invite users individually

You can invite users on an individual basis as follows:

  1. Go to  Admin Settings > User Accounts and Data > Edit, Invite, Disable Users and do a Search for a user.
  2. Click the EDIT link next to their name.
  3. On the right side of the screen, click the Send Invite button. When you're done on the Edit screen, click the Save changes button in the top right. 

Tip: This invite can also be re-sent in cases where the original invite wasn't received or when the user's email address has been updated and they need to confirm the new address by activating it for login.



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