4 ways to make leadership participation happen


Jostle's platform is designed to help leaders lead. We make it easy to reinforce purpose, clarify plans, and provide recognition. Our 5-needs framework will help your team think about the fundamental underlying needs of your employees. Here are some examples from our past Jostle Awards winners of getting their leadership teams front and center.

Needless to say, leadership participation is key -- both for creating a credible, engaging platform, and a healthy organization. Here are some specific ways to get your leadership team involved.

1. Make them News Reporters

What more effective place for your leaders to communicate than News? Start by enabling the leadership team to be News Reporters, so they are able to quickly share successes and announce plans. They can leverage News to:

  1. Solicit feedback from across the organization with a Poll.
  2. Communicate new org-wide initiatives by creating a News article that links to a detailed plan posted in Library. Utilizing the Notify feature upon publishing will also help drive people to the platform.
  3. Share their perspective by commenting on an Article, helping drive engagement amongst employees.

2. Set a leadership expectation for Shout-Outs

Encourage leadership at all levels to use Shout-Outs to recognize specific accomplishments, as they happen. As this blog article explains, frequently recognizing small things is very effective at engaging employees and reinforcing your values (particularly if you use our Org Values feature). Get your "middle management" participating and set a clear expectation of "at least once every two days".

3. Ghost write for your busy CEO

Here is an easy way to ghost write for your CEO.

4. Encourage leaders to work out loud

For the most part, employees have only a vague idea what leaders actually do. Sharing what you are thinking about and working on in real time takes transparency and trust to another level. Share this article about working out loud with your leadership team to get them started.


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