Configuring Profiles (and setting user permissions)


Below is an overview of the Configure User Profiles page, where System Administrators can configure and set preferences for how they want their users' Profiles to look and be managed.  It can be accessed via Admin Settings > User Profiles > Configure User Profiles.


Profile Summary 

These are fields that can be set to display selected, at-a-glance information in the header of a user's Profile (below their name and role/title).



Each user's Profile Summary data will also appear in People when it is set to "card view":



Field Settings

There are several attributes on a user's Profile that can be set by a System Administrator to be either “User" owned or “Organization' owned.

  • If an attribute is User-owned, then it can be adjusted by the user via their Profile Edit screen.
  • If an attribute is Organization-owned, then it can only be adjusted by System Admins.

Standard Fields



Fields that are left empty will not show up at all on a user's Profile, whether they are User-owned or Org-owned (with the exception being First Name, Last Name, and Primary Role). This is illustrated in the two images below:

1) Here you can see a Profile Edit screen showing nothing entered in the fields for Personal Pronouns and Birthday (among others).



2) But once the Edit screen is closed, those fields that were left empty simply do not appear on the Profile at all, providing a clean, uniform look that's easy to scan for details.



Here's a complete list of the Standard Fields:

NOTE—there is a field that appears on Profiles but is not included on this page, and that is the Employee ID field. That field and its visibility setting can be only be managed by System Admins (either when creating new users, updating users via CSV upload, or  directly editing a user's Profile card).


Custom Fields

These are fields whose labels and values can be set by your organization. For more information on any of the fields, click on its name below.


Optional Profile Elements

You can also choose to enable or disable attachments, photos, and/or links on Profiles. Enabling any of these will allow users to upload and/or add them to their Profiles.




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