Privacy and permissions in Discussions


We have provided answers to some commonly asked questions about security and privacy in Discussions below. Should you be looking for additional information, please feel free to contact us at


Who can view chats?

Exchanges in the Discussions view are only visible to the invited participants (unless it is a Discoverable Discussion), whether you are chatting one on one with someone in a Direct Message, or with a group in a Discussion. However, your organization may have enabled a Mandatory Moderator feature (see below) for Discussions, which allows for a ombudsperson to oversee all chats. Participants and Moderators for any Discussion can be viewed via the Info icon in the Action Bar.

On desktop, Private Discussions have a small lock icon beside the title and Org-wide Discussions have a small globe icon beside the title.


What about personal/private information?

While a Discussion can be private, any participant has the ability to export the conversation thread into a .zip file. Please consider the information you are sharing electronically in this space. Only Moderators of a Discussion can add/delete participants. You can control the visibility of a chat in the Access section when creating or editing a Discussion.


How do I manage the information shared in Discussions?

Many organizations have regulations due to information acts, which require them to have access and visibility to all chats org-wide. To assist with compliance we have created a feature called Mandatory Moderator (formerly Super Moderator). Should you be interested in setting this up, please contact


Information about a Discussion can be brought into view via the Info icon in the Action Bar. Information about the following will be listed there:

  • Discussion title
  • Discussion access
  • Members
  • Moderators
  • Participants
  • Attached files
  • Included links



NOTE—Under Info, Moderators will also have access to Edit settings for that Discussion.


Are there any permissions or restriction settings for who can create Discussions?

Your organization does have the option of disabling Org-wide Discussions (Discussions that automatically include everyone on your platform).

Also, a restriction can be set on the number of people someone can add to a new Discussion. This is managed by a Discussions allow list (aka whitelist), through which individual users in your org can be given permission to exceed that limit.

For more information on how to enable either or both of these features you can contact your Customer Success Manager or Support.

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    Jarrod Lakey

    how do you add a hyperlink into a discussion?

  • 0
    Brad Palmer

    You just paste it into a discussion post. Please email us at if this is not working in your context.


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    Tash van Steeg

    How do i clear private conversations from the discussion list?


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    Permanently deleted user

    Hi Tash

    Moderators of a Discussion can access the "Delete Discussion" option via the action menu (three dots icon) found in the right corner when viewing the Discussion. For more information, see the "NOTES" section under "Managing your Discussions" here.


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