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This article covers Library features only applicable to users with Google-integrated platforms

Table of contents

  1. Librarian features
  2. Viewer features
  3. Jostle Library and Google Drive
  4. Collaborative work
  5. Document Management and Help


About Google Drive integration

Integrating your platform with Google Drive opens it up to many new features and functions, most significantly in Library. The easiest way to tell if you have a Google-integrated Library is to go to Library and open the action menu above the Browse column and see if there is an option to "Open Library in Google Drive".



Librarian features 

If you’re a Librarian, then a Google Drive sub-menu will appear on the Add New menu (accessed via the "+" icon in the action bar). From here you can copy existing items from your Google Drive to your Library Volume.



Or you can create new Google items (Docs, Sheets, Slides, or Forms) from the sub-menu. Click on the item you want to create and it will automatically be saved to your Volume once you title it.




Then, to edit your Google item,  just double-click or right-click > View on the item in your Library, and it will open in a new browser tab, ready to go.




Viewer features

If you are not a Volume or Category Librarian, then you will be limited as to what you can do. You can only create or collaborate on Google items if you are a Librarian, otherwise you won’t even see the Add (+) menu or the Google items sub-menu shown above. You will only have visibility permissions on items that have been shared with you.

However, users with visibility-only permission on a Volume can be given commenting privileges on collaborative Google items within that Volume, but only at the discretion of a Category Librarian

To leave a comment on a collaborative Google item (limited availability)

First, verify that commenting is available and enabled (this feature has been given a staged rollout, and may not yet be available for all Google-integrated organizations):

  1. In Library, open a Volume so its contents are displayed in the viewing area (Library > Browse > Category > Volume)
  2. Then go up to the action bar and click on the “i” icon to open the Volume's Info panel.
  3. If you see a Volume Settings section with the option “Allow all viewers to comment…”, then the feature is available. If this option is checked off, then commenting by Volume viewers has been enabled.



Next, leave your comment

  1. Double click/right-click > View on a collaborative item in that Volume to open it in Google Drive.
  2. Leave a comment just as you would if you had been given Commentor/Suggesting permissions on the item via its Share settings (highlight text > click Add Comment icon > enter comment > click Comment button). You can also suggest edits by making them directly on the item.
  3. In your comment, be sure to "@ mention"* the person you are leaving the comment for before submitting it.

*Because you’re accessing the item through Jostle, comments won’t automatically produce notifications. You will have to @ mention whoever you are leaving the comment for to trigger a notification for them.


Jostle Library & Google Drive

  • The Jostle Library folder will appear in your Google Drive > Shared with me folder (when logged in under your Jostle username). Visibility permissions set on any volumes in Library will remain intact in Google Drive.
  • In addition to the methods available in the “Add New" menu, you can use drag-and-drop to upload files and folders from your hard drive directly to your Library Volumes (dragged-and-dropped folders will retain any sub-folder structures).
  • There's no upload size limit in Library, however you must have enough personal space in your Google Drive for your files to be copied.
  • Every document that gets added to your Jostle Library will be automatically added to your Google Drive > Shared with me > Jostle Library folder as well (including new Google items that you create in Library).


Accessing Google Drive from Library

You can open your Google Drive account straight from Library by clicking on "Google Drive" in the top right hand corner.

This will take you to your Shared With Me > Jostle Library folder, which contains all the documents currently in your Jostle Library and from there you can access the rest of the folders and files in your Google Drive.


Accessing Library items directly from Google Drive

If you want to view any Library documents directly from Google Drive without going through Jostle, you can either Search for it or navigate through the User Interface.


Via Search

1. Log in to Google Drive with the same username you use to log in to Jostle.

2. In the Search box at the top of Drive, enter "Jostle Library".  This will pull up your Jostle Library folder which will contain all the documents shared with you in your Jostle Library.




1. Log in to Google Drive with the same username you use to log in to Jostle.

2. Select Shared with me from the left-hand menu.


3. Locate the Jostle Library folder. (Tip: sorting the contents by Name will list all folders first) 

4. Open the folder and inside will be all of the items that are shared with you in Jostle's Library. 


NOTE—viewing permissions in Google Drive are locked down to the visibility settings for the Volume in Library .


Collaborative work

Collaboration features/tips

Once a Category Librarian assigns Volume Librarians, they can all collaborate on any items within their Volume. By taking advantage of the collaboration features available, Librarians can:

  • create a Volume that keeps all collaborative items in one, easy-to-find place.
  • create new Google items from within their Jostle Library, so collaborators can go from draft to final version without ever leaving the platform.
  • make simultaneous edits. Real-time editing allows multiple people to work on an item at the same time and not worry about multiple versions or losing track of who has the latest version.
  • use comments on the Google item to keep all collaborators on the same page.
  • use Jostle's universal Search to locate key Google items.
  • use File > Download on a Google item if they ever want to create a "locked" copy.

Commenting permissions for viewers (limited availability)

Category Librarians also set who a Volume is visible to. Viewers are not able to collaborate on Google items but Category Librarians can give them permission to leave comments on any collaborative items they have access to.

This feature has been given a staged rollout, and may not currently be available for all Google-integrated organizations. You can verify if it is available for your org by checking a Volume's Info panel for the settings listed below.

Category Librarians can enable or disable this setting on any of the Volumes in their Categories, regardless of their default setting (when this feature is added for each org, it will automatically be disabled on all already-existing Volumes, and enabled for any newly-created Volumes):

  1. In Library, open a Category and click on a Volume so its contents are displayed in the viewing area.
  2. Then go up to the action bar and click on the “i” icon to open the Volume's Info panel.
  3. Scroll down to Volume Settings  and depending on whether you wish to enable or disable viewer comments, check or uncheck the box next to “Allow all viewers…” 


When enabled, viewers can leave comments and suggest edits on collaborative Google items, but they can't make any edits themselves.  They will also need to "@ mention"* who their comment is directed to.

*Because the item is being accessed through Jostle, comments won’t automatically produce notifications. Viewers will have to @ mention whoever they are leaving the comment for to trigger a notification for them.


Document Management & Help

Duplicate versions

If you upload a doc from your personal Google Drive folders to your Jostle Library, you will now have two copies of the doc in your Google Drive: the one in your personal folder and the one in your Shared with me > Jostle Library folder.

Editing the doc in your personal folder will not update the doc in your Jostle Library, so to avoid potential confusion between the two versions here are two options:

  • After importing your document from Google Drive, delete it from your personal folder, making the one in your Shared with me > Jostle Library folder the only one in your Google Drive. Edits can then be made directly to this version without the worry of potential confusion with your now-outdated original version.
  • After importing your document from Google Drive, rename it in your personal folder (for example “Title_Original Version” or Title_Do Not Edit”) and move it to an Archive folder, so it will not get mistaken for the current version (in your Shared with me > Jostle Library folder).

Tip: You can use external Google Drive tools to sync your Library with your desktop. Here is how to install the Google Drive client for Mac/PC:


Retrieving Deleted Documents

If you mistakenly delete a document from a Volume, it will be permanently deleted from your Library. However, if it has been deleted for less than 30 days, your organization's Google Administrator should still be able to retrieve it as follows:

  1. Open Google Drive 
  2. Click on the Account selector in the upper right corner and sign in as "jostle librarian"*
  3. Then click "Trash" on the left side of the screen
  4. Locate the deleted file, click it, and select "Restore"

This will restore the document to it's former location in Google Drive > Shared with me > Jostle Library, but not to your platform's Library (it will have to be re-copied there via the "Add New" link in the Library action bar).

*NOTE—If your "jostle librarian" account hasn't been configured yet, the Google Admin can go to Users > jostle librarian and select "Reset Password" to do so.


Access problems

If your users encounter problems accessing files or actions in your Library, it may have to do with your Google Admin setup. For more information, refer here.

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