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When viewing the items in a Volume in Library, you can pull up the action menu for any item by clicking its action menu icon (three dots) or right-clicking anywhere in the item’s row.


The basic actions available may include some or all of the following (actions vary based on item file types and permissions):

  • Info
  • View
  • Show in Library
  • Add to/Remove from Favorites
  • Email link
  • Copy link
  • Download

NOTE—if you are a Volume Librarian, there will be additional management actions available.

If you use the checkboxes (found to the far left) to select multiple items, and then access the action menu, you'll only see the action(s) that can be applied to those items as a group.




When viewing the items in a Volume, you can also choose what column features you want to appear in the table. You can check off your options via the action menu icon in the column header.



You can enable or disable the following columns:

  • Favorite (Star)
  • Recommended (R)
  • Type
  • Created (Date)
  • Modified (Date)
  • Size
  • Views
  • Downloads

Fixed features that cannot be disabled are:

  • Checkboxes
  • Icons
  • Titles



You can also change the visual presentation of items in your Library.

Display options

At the top of the screen, in the far right corner of the action bar, click the View icon to toggle from List view to Tile view.


In Tile view, the action menu icon along with the Checkbox, Favorite, and Recommended features are fixed and are the only items that are visible. The remaining options can only be seen in their columns in List view.


Sorting options

Click the Sort icon to choose which column you want the items sorted by.

Click the Sort arrow next to the selected "Sort by" column header to order the items in one direction, click it again to order them in the reverse direction.



TIP: When viewing items in the left navigation, you can hover over the right border and then click and drag your cursor to widen the column, making it easier to view any Volumes with extra-long titles.




My Favorites

With My Favorites, anyone can create a list of the files, forms, and any other Library items that they want to have bookmarked for quick access.

To do this, select “Add to My Favorites” from an item's action menu. The item will then be given a star icon and placed in the My Favorites category, located at the top of the Library left navigation.



Alternatively, if you hover under the Favorite column you can click on the greyed-out star to instantly "Favorite" an item.



My Favorites will open by default on each user's initial visit to Library after logging on to their intranet.


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