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The hierarchy in Library is Categories > Volumes > Items

In Library:

  • click Browse in the side navigation to open the Category tree
  • click on a Category to view its Volumes
  • click on a Volume to display its items

TIP: "Items" refers to documents, videos, images, or weblinks. The number next to a Volume indicates how many items it contains.




When viewing the items in a Volume in Library, you can pull up the action menu for any item by clicking its action menu icon (three dots) or right-clicking anywhere in the item’s row.


The basic actions available may include some or all of the following (actions vary based on item file types and permissions):

  • Info (see more below)
  • View
  • Show in Library
  • Add to/Remove from Favorites
  • Email link
  • Copy link
  • Download

NOTE—if you are a Volume Librarian, there will be additional management actions available.

If you use the checkboxes (found to the far left) to select multiple items, and then access the action menu, you'll only see the action(s) that can be applied to those items as a group.


When viewing the items in a Volume, you can also choose what column features you want to appear in the table. You can check off your options via the action menu icon in the column header.


Info Panels

An item's Info panel will contain all of the pertinent details about an item, including its Contact (usually the person who originally uploaded the item), whom you can reach out to, should you have any questions about the item. You can access the Info panel via the i-icon in the action bar at the top of the screen.



Info panels are also available when you select a Volume or Category




And that's where you'll find the list of all the people who have Librarian permissions for that particular Volume or Category, as well as other key details:






When viewing the items in a Volume, you can also choose what column features you want to appear in the table. You can check off your options via the action menu icon in the column header.



You can enable or disable the following columns:

  • Favorite (Star)
  • Recommended (R)
  • Type
  • Created (Date)
  • Modified (Date)
  • Size
  • Views
  • Downloads

Fixed features that cannot be disabled are:

  • Checkboxes
  • Icons
  • Titles



You can also change the visual presentation of items in your Library.

Display options

In the action bar at the top of the screen, you can click the icon in the far right corner to toggle the item display from List view to Tile view.


In Tile view, the action menu icon along with the Checkbox, Favorite, and Recommended features are fixed and are the only items that are visible. The remaining options can only be seen in their columns in List view.


Sorting options

Click the Sort icon to choose which column you want the items sorted by.

Click the Sort arrow next to the selected "Sort by" column header to order the items in one direction, click it again to order them in the reverse direction.




My Favorites and Smart Lists

Library's side navigation is home to My Favorites and a growing selection of system-managed Smart Lists.



My Favorites

With My Favorites, anyone can create a list of the files, forms, and any other Library items that they want to have bookmarked for quick access.

To do this, select “Add to My Favorites” from an item's action menu. The item will then be given a star icon and placed on your My Favorites list.



Alternatively, if you hover under the Favorite column you can click on the greyed-out star to instantly "Favorite" an item.



Smart Lists

Smart Lists make it easier to find the things in Library that are important to you. The roster of Library Smart Lists includes:

  • Recently Updated* (shows what items have been uploaded or updated within the past 30 days)
  • Recommended (shows all items visible to a user that have been tagged by their uploaders as "Recommended")
  • Sign offs (shows each user all items that have sign off enabled, along with their sign off status)
  • My Items (shows each user all the items for which they are currently the designated Item Contact)
  • My Volumes (shows each user all the volumes for which they are a Librarian)
  • My Favorites (shows each user all the items they have tagged as a "Favorite")
  • Scheduled for Review (shows each user all the items for which they have a review scheduled) 

*Recently Updated is also the default list that will automatically open when first visiting Library.





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  • 0
    Jeff Sobczyk

    Customizing Views:  Easy to set which columns you want to use.  But when I exit Jostle and come back in, it's back the Jostle default and I have to do it all over again.  How do I make a custom view My default view?

  • 0
    Permanently deleted user

    Hi Jeff,

    When you customize the columns you want to appear in your Library table, they should appear immediately and remain there until you manually remove them. Exiting Jostle or logging out and back in should not reset your selections.

    I just did a quick test of my own and it's working as expected, so it might be a good idea for you to report what you're experiencing to our Support team ( so that they can look into this issue further for you.


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