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Introduction - the purpose of Activity

Activity is the feed that appears on the left side of News. It’s a single, organization-wide, feed that captures the real-time happenings of your organization. It’s not a place to have an extended conversation, but rather it shares the ‘pulse’ of an extended group of people working together. Activity is a place to ‘work out loud’, a place to keep people informed at an organization-wide level of what you are doing and what you care about, a place celebrate successes and recognize peers.

Those with posting permissions can use Activity to inform your people of everything from company-related reminders (“Remember, the all-hands meeting starts 2pm”) , to project status updates (“Just wrapping up the presentation at Asper & Jones”), to the success of others (“Susan just had a great sales call, new customer confirmed for Q2!”).

Activity shouldn't be used for any personal status updates, as all User Profiles include a User Status feature for that very purpose ("Set a status..." in the Main Navigation). For other Activity tips and best practices, check out this article in our Customer Resources blog.

Table of contents:

  1. Creating an Update
  2. Adding an image or video
  3. Creating a Shout-Out
  4. @mentioning in an Update
  5. Birthdays and Anniversaries
  6. Replying to a single post
  7. Viewing and replying to a thread
  8. Filtering posts
  9. Deleting an Update
  10. Bonusly


1. Creating an Update

1. Click into the Share an Update or Shout-Out field at the top of the Activity feed.

2. Type your Update of up to 175 characters (links only count as 5 characters and "@mentions" as 1 character)

3. Click Post.



2. Adding an image or video

1. While creating a Status update or a Shout-Out, click on Media.


2. Upload your media file.


3. Click Post.



  • There’s a limit of one media file per post.
  • Supported image formats: png, jpeg, gif, or bmp
  • Supported video formats include: h264, mp4, mp4v, mpg4, mpeg, mpg, mov, flv, m4v, mkv, wm, wmv, wmx, wvx, and avi
  • Size limits: Images: 15MB, Video: 150MB 

3. Creating a Shout-Out 

When recognizing a Person, Team, or Location in an Update, you can attach a Shout-Out to your Update. This gets attached to the post, much like an image gets attached. Here's how:

1. While creating a post, click on the Shout Out icon.

2. Search for the Person, Location, Org Unit, etc. that you want to recognize. You can do this multiple times to Shout-Out multiple entities at once.


3. Under For, choose an optional Org Value that relates to your Shout-Out (or create a custom Org Value on the fly by selecting Type your own...) then click Add.


4. Review your Shout-Out and click Post. Note you can still edit words and delete/redo the Shout-Out targets at this point.


Your Shout-Out is now live. Jostle notifies everyone targeted in the Shout-Out. This includes every individual associated with a Team that was targeted in the Shout-Out, etc.


NOTE—you can also initiate a Shout-Out from a Contributor or Team Card popover menu in many locations in the platform:


4. @mentioning in an Update

You can @mention a Person, Team or Location in an Update. Type “@” followed by the name you want to mention and then select the correct entry from the dropdown menu that appears.



After you have selected a multipart name like “Sarah Hudgins”, you can use backspace to shorten this to just “Sarah” without breaking the @mention.



  • @mentions trigger notifications for those receiving them. If you @mention a Location, for example, everyone at that Location will be notified.
  • if you @mention someone and the click the Shout-Out icon they will be preselected into the target list for the Shout-Out. You can remove them by clicking on the "X". You can also add others to the list that were not @mentioned.



5. Birthdays and Anniversaries

Birthdays and Anniversaries appear automatically in the Activity timeline, for people who have their Birthday and Join date entered in their Profile. Your Birthday and Join date and appear on the Info tab of your Profile.

Note: Activity never reveals the year of a birthday.



6. Replying to a single post

Click on the Reply arrow (beside the Like icon) to reply to Updates, Shout-Outs, Birthdays, and Anniversaries.



A modal showing the original post will appear. Click in the text field at the bottom to activate the reply screen, enter your reply, and then click Post.



7. Viewing and replying to a thread

When there are multiple replies to a post, a View all replies link will appear on every reply. The total number of replies will appear next to the Reply arrow on the original post and all of its replies.



Clicking on the View all replies link or the Reply arrow will open a modal displaying the original post with all of its replies below it. You can then view or reply to a thread just as you do with a single post.



8. Filtering posts

You can control what you see in Activity via the Filter menu. Click the filter icon at the top of Activity and you can adjust the following settings:

  • Items - indicate the type of Activity items you want to see in your feed. 
  • Replies - streamline your feed by hiding all replies so you only see the original post of each thread.
  • Location - display only those posts made by users in a specific Location or Locations.



9. Deleting an Update

You can delete your Update at any time by clicking the X in the top right corner of the post in the Activity feed. News Editors can also delete your Update. 

 10. Bonusly

If your organization has an account with Bonusly, it will be integrated into Activity alongside Updates and Shout-Outs. Learn more about Bonusly here.

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