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The Jostle® intranet's Main Navigation panel sits on the left side of the application. It provides links to all the most important places on your intranet, as well as highlighting where you currently are.


Main views and features - the main areas of your intranet. Depending on what views and features have been enabled by your organization, your Main Navigation may display some or all of the following:

  • Tasks
  • News
  • Events
  • Discussions
  • People
  • Library
  • Teams
  • Listings (aka Classifieds)*
  • Links*

*Listings/Classifieds and Links can also be set to custom names by the System Administrator.




Custom Views

Below the view names are your org’s Custom Views. These are two links set up by your System Administrator to provide quick access to commonly-used applications outside of your intranet.


Once you log in, you can click on your name/avatar image in the bottom section of the Main Navigation to access/edit your Profile. Click on the Action Menu icon (three dots) next to your name to access the following:

  • My Preferences
  • Log out
  • JostleTV (if applicable)




User status

If enabled by your org, you may see a Set a status... link under your name in the Main Navigation.



This can be used to let people know when and why you're unavailable. Click on the link and you'll pull up a menu of status options.



Choose the most appropriate or customize your own* and an emoji will appear next to your name throughout the platform (after up to a 90 second delay). When hovered over, the emoji will reveal your status as a tool tip.



Your status will also appear on and can be managed from your Profile card.

*Limit: 50 characters



Click on ? / Help to access the Help pages. From Help, you can access our Support Center for how-to info, contact our Support team, contact your System Administrator, review the latest product updates, and more. Click on the Action Menu icon to jump directly to a specific Help page.


Admin Settings (System Admins only)

System Administrators will see a third link in the bottom section. They can click on the Gear icon / Admin Settings to access the Administration settings menu, or click on the Action Menu icon to directly access the following Admin actions:

  • Access Org-wide preferences
  • Create a new user
  • View engagement metrics
  • Download platform metrics
  • JostleTV settings (if applicable)


Resource Center 

You can access our Resource Center via the circle icon at the bottom of the Main Navigation. Here you will find information and tutorials to help familiarize yourself with the different views and roles in your intranet. System Admins will also be able to use the Resource Center to track the status of any active feature trials they may be running.

The Resource Center displays content that is user-relevant, so feel free to explore and see what's there to discover!


Action Bar 

While not part of the Main Navigation, the Action Bar is the other constant feature throughout the platform.

Located at the top of the screen, it provides different options depending on what view you are in. If you need to find something, click on the magnifying glass in the top right of the Action Bar to bring up a Search box.




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