My Preferences is where you manage all your customization settings. You can access My Preferences via the Action Menu (three dots) that appears next to your name/avatar image in the Main Navigation.




In My Preferences you have the ability to set the following:


Email Client

How you would like to send emails from Jostle.

Welcome Screen

Enable a welcome message when logging into the system.

Digest Emails

Subscribe to your platform's weekly summary Digest.

What’s Jostling

Subscribe to Jostle's newsletter that highlights significant new features and changes.


Set your preferred language from these available options: English, French, Japanese, German, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Danish, Polish, Hebrew, and Arabic.

Time Zone

Set your time zone. The time zone by default will be the browser’s setting.

Date Format

Set how the date is displayed throughout the platform.

Time Format

Choose to have time displayed as a 12-hour clock or 24-hour clock.

Default View

Set the default view that your platform opens to. You can also navigate back to that view by clicking the logo in the Main Navigation.

Online Location Indicator

Have the Online Indicator hide or show your location when you're online.

Slack/MS Teams integration

If applicable, you can connect your Jostle account to your Slack and/or MS Teams account

Manage Notifications

Manage the notifications* you receive from News, Events, Discussions, Library, and Classifieds.

*certain email notifications cannot be disabled.

& Security

If applicable, change your password and reset your Multi-factor Authentication settings (Jostle credentials only).


Once your preferences have all been set, click  Save in the top left corner (or the Save button at the bottom of the screen).



My Preferences can be also be accessed via the Jostle mobile app. See the Jostle mobile app guide for more details.



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    Scott Samios

    Your Preferences icon is the universally accepted icon for Filters. Why? And your Export icon is the universally accepted icon for Settings/Preferences. Why?

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