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Table of contents

  1. Key platform differences
  2. Managing your Profile
  3. Managing your My Preferences
  4. Using Search
  5. Activity Updates and Web Articles


Jostle's mobile app allows users to stay connected to their organization and keep up-to-date on the latest work-related news and happenings from almost anywhere.

The mobile app shares almost all of the same platform features as the desktop version. In this article, we'll cover some of the things that look different and/or have a mobile-specific workflow.

For app download and setup information, please see this article.

For Jostle on iPad information please see this article.




Key platform differences (mobile/desktop)


Features and functions currently not available in the app

  • Administration Settings (including importing/exporting data)
  • Teams (including Team Charts and Categories)
  • Creating items for News, Events, and Listings
  • Uploading content to Library


Features unique to the mobile app

The mobile app has a quick navigation bar at the bottom of the screen. The links that appear here are based on what views are included in your organization's platform. Search and Menu are included by default. 

In the desktop platform, News and Activity can be viewed at the same time, on the same screen. In the mobile app, News has a toggle option that allows you to switch the view to either News or Activity. This appears right above the bottom bar.




NOTEJostle's traditional Main Navigation column is still a part of the platform in the app version. To access it, tap Menu from the bottom bar and it will slide out from the side, allowing you to work your way through the platform with ease.


Managing your Profile with the mobile app


To edit your Profile

  1. Open the Jostle app and tap Menu from the bottom bar.
  2. Then tap your name/image in the Main Navigation.
  3. On your Profile, tap Edit in the section you want to update.



NOTEonce you have finished making your changes and updates, apply them by clicking Done.





To update your Profile photo

  1. Open the Jostle app and tap Menu from the bottom bar.
  2. Click on your name/image in the Main Navigation.
  3. Click on the camera icon beneath your current Profile photo.
  4. Follow the steps given to select and upload your new photo.



TIP: You can only "change" a Profile photo, so you won't be able to remove your current photo and have it revert to the default avatar image. However, there is a workaround: a copy of the default avatar image is attached at the end of this article. Just download it and use it to replace your current photo.


Setting your My Preferences via the mobile app


A streamlined version of My Preferences is also available in the app.

To access it, tap the Menu icon from the bottom bar and then open the action menu next to your name/image in the Main Navigation.




The settings you can adjust here include:

  • Preferred Language
  • Date Format
  • Time Format
  • Default Mobile View
  • Newsletter/Digest Emails
  • Manage Notifications*
  • Online Location Indicator**

* When setting your Notification preferences in Mobile, be sure you have also set your phone permissions to "Allow" notifications from Jostle.

**If you have your Location turned off in your mobile device settings, then the Online Location Indicator will only show you as "Online now".

Certain settings will require you to reload the app if you wish to change them. If you select one of these, you'll receive a prompt to cancel it if you don't wish to reload your app at that time.




Using Search in the mobile app


Tap the Search icon from the bottom bar, then enter your search term in the text field (Search can also be accessed from the Main Navigation, like the desktop version).

The Quick Results will start to appear as you're typing. Click the blue magnifying glass button to do a deeper search for your term, and the results will come bundled by view (People, News, etc.), showing the top two results for each view.

(This differs from the desktop version of Search, which will show you all the results found in the view you are currently in, with toggle switches to all the other view's results).



If you want to expand the results for any view, click on the Show more link in its header.

For the People results, click on the speech balloon to the right of someone's name to access options for contacting that person directly.





Activity Updates and Web Articles in the mobile app 


Posting an Update in Activity

Reminder: To get to Activity, you need to go to News and then switch the toggle button to "Activity".

  1. In Activity, tap the "+" in the top right corner to create a new Update.



  1. If you want to include a photo or video, go to the bottom of the Update screen and select Media. (If not, skip to step 4). 


  1. This will pull up your options for adding your media. You can:
    • Select media from your phone's Photo Library
    • Use your camera to take a photo or video
    • Select media that you have stored elsewhere in your phone. 


  1. After you add your media, you can tap the field above it to add any message you'd like (if you created your message first, when you add your image, it will automatically appear below it).
  2. Once you're done, tap Post in the upper right corner to send your Update to your platform's Activity feed.



TIP: In addition to posting Updates, you can also use the Shout-Out option to recognize your colleagues for things like accomplishments, helpful assistance, or valued contributions to the workplace.


Posting a Web Article in News

NOTEthis feature is only available for customers using the Classic News Editor

While you can't create or edit any News items via mobile, you can use the Web Article feature, which allows you to import an article from a website or blog and post it on your own News view. To do this:

  1. Copy the URL of an article you want to publish.
  2. Go the News view of the app (if you're in Activity, just toggle the switch to News)
  3. Then tap the “+” in the upper right corner.


  1. Next, tap the Web Article button at the bottom.
  2. In the field provided, type or paste in the URL of the article you want to publish. Once you've successfully pulled in the content, tap Continue.




  1. On the Web Article Preview, tap Next.



  1. In Article Options, use the Tile Preview to swipe through the available images and select one for the header.
  2. Next, continue on to the Sharing and Notification options.



  1. Tap All Options to view and complete the rest of the settings.



  1. When ready, click Publish in the upper right corner to post your Web Article to your News view.









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