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Having a rich Profile is key to getting the most value out of Jostle.  This allows others to find you by skill, role, interests and quickly view the teams you are on.  


You can view your Profile by:

  • Clicking on your Profile image at the bottom of the Main Navigation bar
  • Clicking on your Profile image in the People view

When viewing your Profile, you can:

  • Manage your personal information such as your contact information and location
  • Manage your biography, skills and interests
  • Change your Profile image
  • Customize your Tag Cloud
  • Update your User status (if enabled, see image below)




The Info tab is where you set your basic, personal information. Click "Edit" in the upper right corner and from there you can add a nickname and make it your preferred name, indicate your preferred personal pronouns, provide your birthday, job title and contact information and much more. Key Info fields include:

Primary Role is your main Role within your organization. You may have multiple Roles, but your Primary Role designates your most important (or best referenced) Role. Your Roles are each defined by a card (Role) they fill in the Teams view org structures. Unless otherwise defined, your Primary Role will default to the highest main-hierarchy Role defined in Teams view, but can be specified to be any defined Role. If your Primary Role gets renamed, it’s still your Primary Role.

Job Category is a field that will only appear if used by your organization. It is intended for broad job categories and not for a specific Role or job title. If your company categorizes jobs into families, such as Engineer I, Engineer II, etc. then this is where that designation belongs. Someone with a Job Category Engineer II might have a Role as Project Engineer on the Beta Project Team. Most often this field should not be used, at which point it will not appear in Contributor Profiles. Job Categories can be found via Search.

Contact is where all the ways to reach you can be found. For the phone number fields, if you have an extension be sure to indicate it in one of the following ways:

  • 555-123-4567 ext231
  • 555-123-4567 pp231 
  • 555-123-4567;231

Some fields are organization controlled, so you will have to email your System Administrator to make changes to them (Main navigation > Help/? > Contact your admin). 

You can also add a Skype profile link that initiates Skype sessions when clicked on for people that have Skype installed. This field can be added under the phone numbers (help text says "Messenger ID, Facsimile, Etc"), and will need to be in the format: skype:profile_name.

NOTE—If you enter additional email address(es), phone number(s) or other contact information, their visibility is automatically set to "Everyone"(shown above). If you select "Nobody" instead, that contact info will only be visible to yourself and your System Administrator(s) and all other users viewing your Profile will instead see the message "Viewing permission withheld".



Your Bio tab contains your professional information.  Click "Edit" in the upper right corner on the Bio tab and you can add your qualifications, interests and pictures, which help make your profile rich and enhance the searching and mining capabilities of Jostle.  



Information on all the Roles you currently hold within your organization will be found here. If your System Administrator has allowed it, you can go to your Profile’s Info tab and set any of your existing Roles to be your Primary Role, whenever you want.


The Attachments tab is where you attach files in your Profile. You can upload up to 500 files.



For info on how to edit your Profile in Jostle's mobile app, please see the Jostle mobile app guide.



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  • 0
    Michelle Grote

    Is it possible to create a "theme" on one's profile? (ex: color schemes)  We have a lot of young users- so this would perhaps allow users to make their page more personable.

  • 0
    Brad Palmer

    We don't Michelle. And we currently have not plans to add it, It is very tricky to build in such theme-ing without breaking usability. Our priority is to focus on features and improvements that help our platform get better and better at engaging those young users by delivering them the information and connections they need. 


  • 0
    Nichole Bennett

    Is it possible to add custom tabs on the Team Profile? We'd like to have easier visibility of who to contact on a team to work with that group (e.g. a secretary or team lead) and frequent collaborators for a team?


  • 0
    Brad Palmer

    There are a couple of existing functions in this general direction Nicole.

    On the Members tab in the Profile you can designate a "Team Contact". Look for this in the column that lists people's names.

    And you can use the "collaborators" position in TEAMS view (via Edit Teams) to show exactly who is working alongside a particular Team.

    Does that help. No doubt, there is more we can do on this front. Please feel free to suggest something specific in our New Features request forum.


  • 0
    Amber Long

    I'm a frontline employee but my "org level" says "site team". Can I fix this? Maybe I made an error when I made my profile?

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