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Tag Cloud overview

Jostle mines tags from the links you provide and information in your Bio to create a relevant word clouds in your Profile and Team Profiles. You can customize your Tag Cloud to your liking by promoting tags, blocking tags or adding tags of your own. Click "Edit" in the upper right corner of your Tags tab and you'll see two fields:

  • Promote tags - enter one of your current tags here to make it more prominent (larger) in your Tag Cloud.
  • Block tags - enter one of your current tags here if you want it removed from your Tag Cloud completely.



You can promote tags that aren't currently in your tag cloud. If you want to add a specific tag, just enter it in the Promote Tags field and it will be added to your Tag Cloud. And if you want certain words paired together, enter them in the same field, for example "Cat Lover". 

You can control what words are paired together. Sometimes the tag engine may take two words that are normally paired together and make them separate tags, so someone who should be tagged with "Senior Manager" might get tagged with "Senior" and "Manager" instead. To correct this, just enter "Senior" and "Manager" to Block Tags and then add  "Senior Manager" to Promote Tags.

You can control what words aren't paired together. If the reverse situation happens and you get two words paired together that shouldn't be, for example "Jogging Researcher", then the same rule as above applies. Block "Jogging Researcher" to remove it from your cloud and then add "Jogging" and "Researcher" to Promote Tags to add them back separately.

This is because the engine identifies each tag as one unit, not a combination of multiple units, so blocking "Senior" wouldn't affect the tag "Senior Manager", just as blocking "Senior Manager" wouldn't affect the tag "Senior".

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  • 2
    Kelsey Martins

    Will there be some sort of replacement for this feature? Why is it being removed?

  • 0
    Brad Palmer

    Hi Kelsey,

    There has been a fair bit of feedback that this approach is outdated. And we are always looking for ways to simplify our platform.

    That being said, we do need to keep a way to retain the ability for people to add and block tags that apply to them. We have yet to invest design time as to exactly how we would do this in a more efficient way. Because of that challenge, this is not going to go away this Fall as we previously speculated.


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