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The Discussions view is designed for ease of use.  This powerful collaboration tool allows you to create group chats and send instant messages to anyone on your Jostle platform.  You can start multiple Discussions with different people, invite others to join, or leave a Discussion if you finished contributing to the conversation.


You can create custom categories to help manage your Discussions and set your Preferences to specify how and when you receive Discussions notifications.

Direct Messages is a format within the Discussions view designed specifically for one-on-one chats. To make managing them easier, you can only have one ongoing Direct Message per recipient, so before you create a new Direct Message with someone, check to see if you have an existing one-on-one Discussion with them that you would like to convert into your ongoing Direct Message instead.


Discussions doesn't support any dedicated Administrator roles. Instead, each Discussion has its own Moderator (when you start a Discussion you are automatically made a Moderator).

Moderators are able to add or remove Discussion participants, add additional Moderators, and delete comments added by themselves and other participants.




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