News/Activity metrics


News Editors have access to download detailed metrics for News items, Social Sharing of Web Articles and the Activity feed.


NEWS metrics

The metrics for NEWS Items includes standard article information such as Author and Title as well as engagement metrics such as Views, Likes, Participants and Comments. Only News Editors can access these metrics.

To download NEWS metrics 

  1. Click NEWS in the Main Navigation
  2. Go to the Action Bar and select Manage > Published
  3. At the top of the Published Items screen, select "Download CSV"

NOTE—News Reporters also have limited access this feature; they are able to download the metrics for their own News items only. 


Social Sharing metrics 

The Social Sharing metrics include information on which Social Sharing links were clicked (if any) each time a Web Article was viewed. Only News Editors can access these metrics.

To download Social Sharing metrics (for News Editors)

For a single Web Article:

  1. Click on any Web Article in the News view
  2. At the top of the Article, click the "Download Article Social Sharing Metrics" link 



For all Web Articles in a specific date range:

  1. In the News view go to the far right of the Action Bar
  2. Click the Gear icon > Export Sharing Metrics
  3. Select a date range and click Export to CSV file



Activity metrics

The metrics for Activity includes detailed information on everything posted in the feed including Comments, Comment type, Comment publisher, Shout Out Org-Values, Replies and Likes. Only NEWS Editors can access these metrics.

To download Activity metrics

  1. Click NEWS in the Main Navigation
  2. Go to the Action Bar above the Activity feed and select Gear icon > Export Activity feed



News and Activity metrics graphics

News Editors can download a graphic report that includes monthly publishing stats and weekly engagement rates for News and Activity. To access the graphic report, click the gear icon in the upper right corner of News and select "View NEWS metrics".



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