Login reports



Overall Logins

In Administration Settings > Analytics > View/Download Login Reports, System Administrators can view and download a CSV file of their Overall Logins chart. This chart includes login data from the following areas over the past 10 weeks:

  • Paid users   
  • Created users
  • Activated users
  • Invited users
  • Unique Logins Last 7 Days  
  • Unique Logins Last 28 Days
  • Unique Login% Last 7 Days
  • Unique Login % Last 28 Days

Below the chart, the following login reports are also available for downloading as CSV files:

Users not logged in - a report containing users who have not logged in during the previous 30, 60, or 90 days. 

Last logged in date - a report contained the last login date for all activated users.

Users invited but never logged in - a report containing users that have been invited but haven't logged in.


Login Status and Method

In Administration Settings > Analytics > Download Login Status and Method, System Administrators can download a CSV report containing the login status of all their users as well as information on what login methods they use (password, multi-factor authentication, etc).

It's a quick way to see which users in your organization have activated their accounts and if any of them have expired invitations or have yet to be invited to join the platform.

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    Tammi Kent

    It would be helpful to see mobile vs. web logins

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    Brad Palmer


    In the mean time, if you email us at we can hunt down some data for you on a one-off basis.


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