MS Teams integration: Setup for System Admins


Jostle's Microsoft Teams integration adds a Connect to Microsoft Teams button to all users' My Preferences screen. When enabled, this button allows users to get any of their intranet notifications forwarded to their MS Teams Chatalways ensuring that they're kept up to speed with all the happenings in your organization.


To complete this setup, you (or whoever is doing the setup), must be the following:

  • an Admin for your organization's MS Teams
  • a System Admin for your organization's Jostle intranet


Pre-setup (required permissions)

Azure Portal 

1. In Azure Portal > Enterprise application > Consent and permissions, set User consent for applications to be either:

a) Allow user consent for apps


b) Allow user consent for apps from verified publishers, for selected permissions (Recommended)

2. If b) is selected, then set the following 3 permissions as "low impact":

  • OpenId permissions (offline_access)
  • Chat Message (chatMessage.Send)
  • User (User.Read)

Microsoft Teams Admin Center

1. Go to Microsoft Teams Admin Center > Manage apps and click on the Org-wide app settings button (top right corner)

2. Set Allow third party apps to On

3. Back on the main Manage apps screen, set the Jostle Notifications app to Allowed



Setting up MS Teams integration

1. Go to your intranet's Admin Settings > Views and Functions > Manage Views and Options

2. Scroll down to the bottom of the listed options and under Microsoft Teams integration, switch the toggle to "Enabled" (NOTE—if the Microsoft Teams integration option is not appearing for you, please contact or your Customer Success Manager to have it turned on for your intranet).




3. This will pop open a Microsoft permission screen. Click Accept.




4. Once the MS window closes, click Save at the bottom of the Manage Views and Options page to apply the changes.




Your users should now have the Connect to Microsoft Teams option enabled in their My Preferences, and they can complete the setup to have their Jostle notifications appear in their MS Teams Chat.


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