How to add intranet notifications to MS Teams




If your organization has enabled Microsoft Teams integration for your intranet, then you can connect your accounts and have any of your intranet notifications forwarded to your MS Teams Chat. This setup can be initiated from either your intranet account or from MS Teams.


Connecting from your intranet

1. In the Main Navigation, open the action menu next to your name/avatar image and go to My Preferences.

2. Scroll down to Slack & Microsoft Teams and click the blue Connect Microsoft Teams button.



3. On the permission popup screen, select Allow.



4. You should then see a Success screen, after which you'll be able to select "MS Teams" as a notification option in your My Preferences > Manage Notifications settings.



Connecting from MS Teams

1. In MS Teams, click on the "three dots" icon in the side navigation and select the Jostle Notifications app.

2. On the popup screen, click the Log in with Jostle button.



3. On the permission popup, select Allow.



4. Once you see the Success screen, you'll receive a confirmation message from Jostle Notifications and "MS Teams" will now be available as an option in your intranet's My Preferences > Manage Notifications settings.




If you no longer wish to receive any intranet notifications in MS Teams:

1. Go to My Preferences > Slack & Microsoft Teams.

2. Click the grey Disconnect from Microsoft Teams button.


3. On the confirmation screen, click the red Disconnect button.


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