Permissions for Google/OneDrive integration


Customers can choose to integrate their Jostle platforms with their org’s Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive. When setting up either of these integrations, the Jostle app will request certain permissions. The majority of these requests are required to enable access and management of your Google Drive/OneDrive content via your Jostle Library. (Google integration also requires permissions to facilitate the importing of your org's Google users into your Jostle platform).

Below is a breakdown of those permissions and why they are required. Should you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact


Google integration permissions


View and manage the provisioning of groups on your domain

The Jostle Library is set up in your Google Drive using Google Groups to control the access to your files. Library does not work without these rights.

View organization units on your domain

This is used to allow you to filter the Google users that you wish to invite to your Jostle platform.

View and manage the provisioning of users on your domain

View rights are needed to import people into Jostle. Manage rights are required to do the reverse sync. The latter can be turned off with loss of functionality.

View and manage the settings of a Google Group

This is used to make any Google Groups less obvious to your users in Library, since many customers with lots of Library Volumes do not want all those groups visible in every users' UI. If this is not granted, then the groups will be visible.

View and manage the files in your Google Drive

This is required in order for the Jostle Library to work in Google mode. It enables access to your Google Drive files from your Jostle Library.

OneDrive integration permissions


Sign in and read user profile

Required to recognize your users.

Read and write files in all site collections

Required for the Jostle Library to work with OneDrive. Enables OneDrive files to be read, created, updated and deleted from your Jostle Library. 

Read and write all groups

Required to recognize and manage the permissions rights on shared OneDrive files, and is needed to set up your Jostle Library in OneDrive.

Read items in all site collections (previews)

Required for the Jostle Library to work with OneDrive. It enables previews of all OneDrive files.

Read all users' full profiles

Required to recognize your users and their view permissions.

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