Listings: Managing categories


NOTE—This view and its items can be given customized names by System Administrators, so it may not appear as Listings in your platform's Main Navigation. To learn more, see this article. 


Customizing your categories 

Listings Managers can create custom-made categories to ensure the listings posted here are relevant to the needs of your organization.



Here's just a few of the many ways this view and its categories can be customized:

  • Expand on traditional buy-and-sell ads by adding “Free Item” and “For Trade” options.
  • Broaden the view to include workplace listings, with categories like "Shift Swap Requests" (see example below) or "Internal Job Postings". 
  • Create an industry-related resource: for example, "New Listings" (Real Estate Agencies), "Discount Packages & Promotions" (Travel Agencies), etc.


Shift Swap listing:



Adding a new category

1. Click on the action menu (three dots icon) on the far right of the Listings action bar and select Manage Categories.


2. Here you can rename the default categories (For Sale and Wanted) or click the Add a new category link to create additional ones.


3. Name your category and click on the color box to the left of the text field to customize the color of your category label

4. To delete a category, click the trash can to its far right  (NOTEthe top category can never be deleted).

5. When finished, click Save at the top of the list. When creating a listing, your new category can be selected via the Category menu under Options.

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