Managing API Rights



About API access

System Administrators can allow API access to individual users in order to facilitate integration with third party applications.

Currently users can generate API keys for two endpoints (a Discussions post or a new task in Tasks).



For customers experienced with API and interested in accessing data from Jostle for custom integrations purposes, Jostle's publicly available open API can be found here.

For customers who which to use Jostle's User Provisioning API to help manage their user data, more information can be found here.


About Metadata (Discussions Example)

Since Jostle offers API access for Discussions, the data returned in an API call would be the metadata for any targeted Discussions*. The metadata for a Discussion includes (but is not limited to) the following information:

  • User IDs of Discussion participants
  • Discussion title
  • Discussion type
  • Target method used
  • Date created
  • Date of last post

*includes only those Discussions in which the individual with API access is a Moderator


Enabling Access & Assigning Keys


Step 1: Enabling API access

1. Go to  Admin Settings > Views and Functions > Manage Views and Options.

2. Scroll down to API Access and select "Enabled".

3. Click Save at the bottom of the screen.


Step 2: Assigning an API key  

1. Go to Admin Settings > Integrations > Manage API Rights.

2. Confirm that you have read the disclaimer on this screen. 



3. Next, go to the Discussions API access section (or, if applicable, the Tasks API access section just below it) and use the Search users field to locate the user you wish to provide with API access. When you select a user they'll automatically be added to the list below.


Once a user is added to the list they'll be able to access the Third party access (API Keys) screen in their Discussions or Tasks (via the gear icon in the action bar) and generate their own API key.


Revoking API access

If at any time you need to revoke API permissions from a user, click the trash can icon to the far right of their name and then confirm your action on the pop-up warning.


NOTEdoing this will revoke all API keys* issued to that user, meaning that anything created with an application using those keys will no longer work.

*as mentioned above, currently users can only generate keys for two endpoints (a Discussions post or a new task) and for one application (Zapier).



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