Yarg release notes (build 43.25.18)

Released from test to production on 2020 Mar 13 

NOTEthis release also contains the fixes and features included in the Xylitol release.



Administration Roles for Classifieds

Classifieds now has its own dedicated Administration Roles: Creators and Managers. Creators can post and edit their own listings while Managers can post or edit anyone’s listings as well as set Categories and manage Creator permissions (for example, controlling who can post items to certain Locations, Org Units, etc).

By default, all existing News Editors will become Classifieds Managers and all Contributors will become Creators. Managers can add or remove anyone as a Creator by clicking the gear icon in the right corner of Classifieds and going to Classifieds Admins > Creator Groups.

Improved “Add” functionality for customized information

In Administration settings > Contributor Configuration, a redundant step has been removed from the process for adding things like a Location to a Contributor's data, making it quicker and easier to implement such changes when updating user information.

Info icons added to Links

When accessing a Personal or Org-wide link, an icon will now be displayed next to those links that will open up in a new browser tab. Those with no icon indication will open up in-platform.


74 other bug fixes and/or performance enhancements.


Did you know that the reason there's Yarg cheese today is because of a couple who discovered it's old-timey recipe in their attic?

In 1980s Britain, Allan and Jenny Gray found a recipe from the 1600s for a semi-hard cheese in their attic. Possibly not wanting to pursue a career in the production of a creamy-to-crumbly cheese that requires being wrapped in stinging nettle leaves to create an edible mouldy rind, they sold the recipe to some nearby farmers in Cornwal (where, to this day, is still the only place where Cornish Yarg is produced). And, while competent cheese-makers, these farmers were obviously not the most creative type. You see, they didn't christen the cheese "Yarg" because it's some old-style Cornish word...or even because they have an affinity for pirate-speak. They just took the last name of the people who sold them the recipe ("Gray"), reversed its spelling, and called it a day.

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