Vino release notes (build 43.22.19)

Released from test to production on 2020 Feb 09       



News: Custom Categories

A Category feature has been added to News, enabling News items to now be defined by their Type (Article, Album, Poll, etc.) as well as a custom Category (for example, CEO Blog or Sales Updates). Any Custom Article types that orgs have previously created will automatically migrate to their initial Category list.

G Suite automation: Import run information

For customers using G Suite automation, they will now be able to see the date, time, and status of their last import run at Administration settings > Bulk manage Contributors > G Suite automation.

Mobile (iOS): Grouped notifications

For iOS users of the Jostle mobile app, multiple notifications originating from the same source (a Discussion, a News item, etc.) will no longer be displayed individually and instead be grouped together in a stack, with the most recent notification on top.

Teams: People Picker improvements

When using the People Picker to build out a Chart in Teams, it will now be much more responsive. The search results will now only suggest matches that are Contributors and no longer include irrelevant options like Library documents or News Articles.

Teams: Chart TXT import improvements

The Chart TXT import process has been improved, significantly reducing the time it takes to import even very large structures.


65 other bug fixes and/or performance enhancements.


Did you know that the reason 750ml bottles became the wine bottle standard was most likely due to glass blowers? Turns out that back in ye olde days of wine production, the lung capacity of the average glass blower was just enough that they could create a 750ml bottle in one “blow”, so in the name of efficiency, it became the standard.

It’s a good thing that box wine came along when it did, then! I’d hate to think of all those traditional glass blowers suddenly sustaining catastrophic respiratory issues had their required daily output been upped to include 4-litre bottles as well.


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