Slack integration: Setup for System Admins


Integrating Slack with your Jostle platform will allow your users to receive any of their Jostle notifications via their chosen (and approved) Slack workspace. For integration setup and management, follow the steps below.

NOTEaccess to this integration needs to be manually enabled on a per-organization basis. If it is not appearing on your platform, you can contact your Customer Success Manager for assistance in setting it up.


Setting up your Slack integration

1. Click Admin Settings in the Main Navigation and then go to Integrations > Enable Slack Integration

2. On the Slack integration screen, check the box next to “I have read and understood the above” then click the Add a Workspace button.


3. You will be redirected to Slack and see a Jostle Notifications permission screen. If the workspace you wish to add is not indicated, use the dropdown menu in the upper right corner to switch it. (Also note, you must already belong to a Slack workspace in order to add it).


4. On the Jostle Notifications permission screen, click the Allow button.

5. Once you see the "Slack Integration Success" message, your users will be able to enable Slack notifications via their My Preferences page (and you’ll be redirected back to the Slack integration screen).


NOTE—you can enable or disable Slack at any time for your users in Admin Settings > Views and Functions > Manage Views and Options > Slack Integration.




Managing your Slack integration

After you have successfully integrated Slack, you'll be able to manage your org’s workspaces via the Slack integration screen. From here, you can add and remove workspaces as well as see how many users are connected to each workspace.


TIP: If you’d like to inform everyone on your platform how they can enable Slack notifications, follow the directions in the Notify your organization box.

To remove an individual workspace, click the trash can icon to the far right of its name (NOTEremoving a workspace will automatically disconnect any users currently connected to it).

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