Taco release notes (build 43.20.19)

Released from test to production on 2020 Jan 12   



Library: Search results include breadcrumb info for all Library items

Search results now show the breadcrumb navigation info for any matching items in Library, allowing users to easily see the Volume and Category location of each item.

Teams: Org Unit indicators added

Org Unit information is now much easier to find when viewing Charts in Teams. A thin green bar will indicate any Role card that is also the top (parent node) of an Org Unit. Hovering over these cards will display the Org Unit details and any applicable actions available.

Links: Improvements

A number of minor UI updates have been made to Links that improve navigation, useability, and overall look. And now if you only have a single Links Category, it will be automatically opened when you arrive in Links.

Export: Administrator rights data

In Administration settings > Platform, System Admins can now export a .csv file that lists every Contributor who currently holds one or more Administrator rights for their intranet.

News and Engagement metrics now updated weekly

We have changed the technology behind the News and Engagement Metrics dashboards, and as such, they now open much faster.


90 other bug fixes and/or performance enhancements.


Did you know that Taco Bell serves an average of 46 million customers a week?

With numbers like that, it's no surprise that the fast food giant has made a couple of lofty goals for 2020:

  • Have 9,000 restaurants globally
  • Have a revenue of $15 billion in sales

And after finding this out, it left me feeling like my list of 2020 goals (which kicks off with "make some significant progress on my video game backlog" and only goes down from there) to be a little...lacking. So, I made some Taco Bell-inspired changes:

  • Make some significant progress on my video game backlog while eating Taco Bell




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