Sushi release notes (build 43.20.17)

Released from test to production on 2019 Dec 29



Tasks: Red dot notifications

Red dot notification support has been added to Tasks. A red dot will now appear next to "Tasks" in the Main Navigation when you've been assigned a new task or when any of your current tasks has had any activity or comments added since your last visit.

The red dot on an individual task will be removed upon viewing the task, and when all tasks are cleared, the red dot in the Main Nav will be removed as well. There is also an option in the action menu to mute a task so you do not receive any red dot notifications for it at all.

Tasks: Video support

The latest functionality added to our new platform-wide viewer enables it to support the playing of videos uploaded to Tasks.

Product Updates section added to Help

Our What's New blog, where we highlight key features of each new release, can now be accessed in-platform.  Just click on Help (?) from your Main Navigation and then select Product Updates to see what's new and what's coming up next for your intranet.

Discussions: Info menu improvements

The information "i-menu" for Discussions has been expanded into a slide-out panel, providing improved clarity and easier navigation.

Online Location improvements

We’ve improved the accuracy and reliability of our location service, and System Admins can now select an org-wide accuracy preference for the Online Location indicator: "neighborhood" or "city" (Note—if the location service cannot determine the neighborhood, it will default to the city setting, even if "neighborhood" is selected as the org-wide preference).


79 other bug fixes and/or performance enhancements.


Did you know I'm not a fan of sushi?  But when I was going out for dinner with some friends I hadn't seen in a while and they wanted to have sushi, I thought to myself, "Well, who knows - maybe my palate has matured in the 20+ years since I last had it, let's give it go!"

So our food arrives and I take a deep breath, select some mackerel sushi and pop it in my mouth. 45 chews later, the mackerel is still in my mouth, turning into a sushi slurry and my friends are starting to look a little concerned. At 60 chews my body was still refusing to let me swallow, so out of desperation, I grabbed my glass of water, took a big gulp and force-washed the whole thing down. And then, well…let me just say that I learned a lesson that day:

Swishing slushy sushi slurry surely signals a shaky swallowing situation.

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