Pizza release notes (not released yet)

This is a preliminary listing for our next release. Features are likely to be added or removed from this list prior to its actual release  



Links reordering

Saved links can now be manually reordered by click-dragging them within their Category. Categories can be similarly reordered but only within their current section (Shared Categories or My Categories).

Contact info and RSVP ordering added to Events guestlist CSV

The downloadable guestlist file for an Event now includes fields for contact information (Preferred email, Preferred phone, Location) and will be ordered by RSVP status (Attending, Maybe, Not Attending and Not Responded).

This provides Event Creators with an easy way to extract a contact list of all the confirmed attendees for any follow-up communication purposes.

Improved sorting in Classifieds

Table upgrades in Classifieds have greatly improved the sorting functionality of all ads and listings.



101 other bug fixes and/or performance enhancements.


Did you know that the modern pizza originated in Naples in the 18th century? Since then, pizza has gone from a local cuisine served in the rustic, open-air markets of Italy to a world-wide food phenom, available everywhere from restaurants to shopping mall food courts, by delivery or store-bought. But these mass-produced versions are often cited for their unhealthy balance of ingredients and many (especially native Italians) tend to be unimpressed with these inauthentic takes on one of Italy's beloved cultural dishes.

In other words, it's probable that plenty of people, from priests to paparazzi, prefer the pure perfection of a piazza pizzeria over the pretend pizazz of a shopping plaza pizza place.

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