Oden release notes (build 43.15.23)

Released from test to production on 2019 Oct 27



JOS-19372 Article viewer for News, Events, and Classifieds

Items in News, Events, and Classifieds will now open in a new, platform-wide viewer that provides a better user experience than our current pop-up viewer. This includes a larger viewing area so videos no longer have to be resized before they're embedded in articles, notices, or listings.

This new viewer will also support future updates aimed at bringing an improved, consistent viewing experience to the entire platform.

JOS-17467 Support import/export in Teams view

An option to export Chart information via text (txt) file has been added to Teams. Chart Admins can now quickly update an existing structure by exporting it as a text file, making changes directly to that file and then importing the file back into Teams. This also provides an efficient way for Admins to back up their Chart structures. 

JOS-18848 Filter settings saved in People view

Previously there have been issues with saved filter settings in People, both in the desktop platform and mobile app (for example, not appearing across multiple browsers or being reset for mobile users if they logged out). Now the settings are standardized and when saved, will be retained in all circumstances. (NOTE—settings saved in the desktop platform do not cross over with the mobile version, they still remain separate filter settings).



68 other bug fixes and/or performance enhancements.


Did you know that oden has its own emoji? Or, let me back that up a bit more, do you even know what oden is? Because I sure didn't. I figured it was some type of foodsince our current run of emoji-themed release names have all been consumables,but at least I wasn't the only one in the dark.

One colleague in particular was a little dejected once he found out that the name of this release referred to a Japanese soup made with sliced (and sometimes skewered) chunks of meat, fish, eggs, and veggies, and wasn't meant as a shout-out to Thor's father, the almighty Norse god Odin. Who, come to think of it, was also notable for slicing and skewering (…his enemies).

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