How to add intranet notifications to Slack





If your org has set up integration with Slack, you can now receive any of your intranet notifications via your Slack workspace. Here's how to enable this option:


1. In the Main Navigation, open the action menu next to your name/avatar image and go to My Preferences.

2. Scroll down to Slack integration and click the Enable Slack notifications button.




3. On the next screen you'll see the Approved Workspaces for your organization. Click Continue.




4. This will open Slack in a new browser tab. If necessary, go to the dropdown menu in the top right and select one of the approved workspaces to add. (NOTE—you must already be a member of any workspace you choose to add)

5. Click the Allow button on the permission screen to confirm your selection.




6. If successful, you'll see a confirmation message and then the tab will close and return you to your My Preferences screen.

7. You will now be connected to your chosen workspace (click the Disconnect button if you want to remove the workspace and/or add a different workspace).

8. Go to the Manage Notifications section and the Slack column should be enabled. Here you can choose what types of Jostle notifications you want to receive via Slack.




9. After making your selections, click Save at the bottom of the screen. 

You will now receive your selected intranet notifications via Slack (in addition to any of your previously-selected methods). These notifications will include links back to where they originated from in your intranet. 


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