Nut release notes (build 43.14.33)

Released from test to production on 2019 Oct 14



Image viewer and attachment updates in Tasks

Clicking on any attachment in Tasks will no longer start an automatic download of that file. As well, clicking on most image attachments in Tasks (and Library) will now display the image via an in-platform viewer rather than opening it in a new browser tab.

Preferred Phone settings to added to Contributor Import CSV

Preferred Phone and Preferred Phone Visibility settings can now be entered by System Admins uploading their users' data via the Contributor Import CSV.



68 other bug fixes and/or performance enhancements.


Did you know that there are SO many nuts out there? Botanical nuts refer to small, hard-shelled fruits like hazelnuts and chestnuts while culinary nuts also rope in the non-nut legume (peanut) and hard-walled kernels like pecans and almonds. And in modern language, nuts is used to describe everything from dejection, obsession, and mental unbalance to craniums and other parts of the anatomy.

That’s a lotta nuts! But it does come in useful when you're in that oft-occurring situation where you need to quickly refer to an eccentric, crazy-acting person who obsesses over hard-shelled fruits and hard-walled kernels, and can just go with "That nutty nutter's nuts for nuts."

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