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*This documentation is for the PRE-RELEASE VERSION of this feature and is intended for testing purposes only*


Broadcast is a new feature that enables users to schedule, host, and broadcast a video, audio, or screen sharing session to multiple viewers at once.

Broadcast is integrated into the Events view and is an evolution of the Calls feature, so most of the setup and workflow will be familiar to those who have experience with either.


Table of contents

  1. Broadcast Workflow (host)
  2. Viewing a Broadcast (audience)
  3. Screen Sharing
  4. Troubleshooting


Feature Notes

  • Supported browsers: Chrome and Firefox
  • The Broadcast option cannot be turned on/off for a select group or groups within an organization.
  • Broadcast is not compatible with Mobile.
  • Chrome's WebRTC Leak Prevent and other similar browser extensions may interfere with the video functionality. Disabling these extensions before launching a broadcast should resolve such issues.
  • Laptops that are plugged into a docking station may experience performance issues with Broadcast.
  • System Admins can manage this feature via Admin Settings > Platform > Enabled/Disabled Features > Video calls



Broadcast Workflow (host)

Creating a broadcast

1. Go to Events > Add New Event

2. In the Options column of the New Event form, go to Broadcast and click the Add broadcast button.


3. You will automatically be indicated as the host of the broadcast. If you won't be hosting the broadcast you can click the x next to your name to remove yourself and then assign another host or remove the whole option via the Remove broadcast button.


4. Finish filling out the details of your Event and then select Publish at the top of the screen. Your Event should now be listed with the status “Broadcast is scheduled” indicated in grey.


Launching the broadcast

1. At 15 minutes prior to the Event start, the status on the listing will switch to “Broadcast is open” 


2. Click on the Event. A host confirmation banner should appear at the top of the Event card along with a Join broadcast button.


3. Click Join broadcast to go to the "waiting room" screen, which appears over top of the Events view. Prior to the broadcast launch, a list of the participants in attendance will be visible here.

4. When it's time to launch the broadcast, click the Start broadcast button in the top right corner.



Hosting the broadcast

1. As you're broadcasting, click the ? icon at any time if you want to test your camera and microphone settings.

2. During your broadcast you can toggle the screen sharing, audio, and video options via the icons in the lower left corner of the screen. To enlarge the screen use the double arrows in the upper right corner.


3. When you're done with your broadcast, click the End broadcast button above the right side of the screen. Your broadcast screen will close and the audience will automatically return to the waiting room screen.

4. Click the Leave button to close the waiting room screen and return to the Events view.



  • If you ended your broadcast by mistake and the Event time isn't over, you can relaunch it by clicking Start broadcast again.
  • Your broadcast can run past the end time of the Event (but you will have to edit the Event details and move the ending time ahead if you want to make it possible for new viewers to still join in).


Viewing a Broadcast (audience)

Broadcast status guide

On the Events list, any Event that includes a broadcast will have one of the following status indications:

  • Broadcast scheduled (for upcoming broadcasts that cannot yet be joined)
  • Broadcast is open (for joinable broadcasts that are launching within the next 15 minutes)
  • Broadcasting now (for joinable broadcasts that are currently in progress)



Joining/leaving a broadcast

1. In Events, click on the Event listing for the broadcast you wish to join.

2. The status of the broadcast will be indicated in a banner at the top of the Event card. Broadcasts that already in progress or are launching within the next 15 minutes will show a green Join broadcast button. 


3. Click Join broadcast. If the broadcast hasn't been launched yet, you'll be placed in a "waiting room" with the other attendees until it starts. Otherwise you'll join the broadcast already in progress.

4. You can leave at any time by clicking Leave broadcast (during the broadcast) and/or Leave (on the waiting room screen). Both are found in upper right corner of their respective screens.



  • Use the double arrow icon in the top right corner to enlarge the waiting room or broadcast screens.


Screen Sharing

The screen sharing icon can be found in the lower left corner of the broadcast screen.


To enable screen sharing

  • Chrome users will need to download and install the Jostle Screen Sharing extension from the Chrome Web Store (NOTEonly the user sharing their screen needs to have the extension installed).
  • Firefox users will be able to screen share without needing an extension or add-on.

To begin screen sharing

  • Chrome users will need to specify which screen they would like to share (Your entire screen, Application window, or Chrome tab) and then click the Share button.
  • Firefox users will need to specify which Window or Screen to share and then click the Allow button.



If you are experiencing performance problems with your camera and/or microphone, please refer to the troubleshooting information specific to your browser here and intranet settings here.

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