Junk Food release notes (build 43.10.19)

Released from test to production on 2019 Aug 15



Link Previews in Discussions

Previews for external public links (for example, Youtube videos, blog articles, etc.) have been enabled for all orgs in Discussions (and Tasks Beta) to provide a dynamic look and visual clarity for the link content. The preview frames will also allow for video and GIF playback directly from within the timeline instead of opening in a separate window.

Hebrew language support

Hebrew has been added to the supported language options in My Preferences.

Tasks Beta: updates

Users in the Tasks early access beta will notice a number of small updates and improvements, including support for the new Links Preview feature (see above) and the ability to drag-and-drop attachments directly into the Details area of the task form.

Inline "Sign off" feature added to News articles in mobile

Previously, the Sign off feature for News Articles in mobile was only triggered when users left an article. It's now been added inline as well, appearing at the bottom of articles that require it.



87 other bug fixes and/or performance enhancements.


Did you know that Cracker Jack is widely considered to be the world's first junk food (meaning: a commercial product high in sugar, salt, and fat with little or no nutritional value)? The caramel coated popcorn-and-peanuts treat was first packaged and sold in 1896 and is still going strong today!

Personally, I think all that stuff about junk food having no nutritional value is hogwash. I mean, look at CJ's sailor boy mascot - all he eats are Cracker Jacks and he's been shilling their product for more than a century now (and still doesn't look a day over 10)!

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