Ice Cream release notes (build 43.9.27)

Released from test to production on 2019 Aug 05



Links: Updated experience, new features

For easier access, Links has been moved from a separate view to a panel that slides out from the Main Navigation. Also, users can now create a My Categories list to help organize their personal links, while System Admins can create Shared Categories for org links, which can also be made visible to specific groups only.

Japanese language support

Japanese has been added to the supported language options in My Preferences.



Tasks: Create tasks from Library and Discussions

Adding references and setting personal reminders are now easier for users in the Tasks early access beta. Tasks can now be created directly from a Library item or a Discussion comment. These tasks will also include a link back to the originating item or comment.



 “Copy text” option now in Discussions

Users can quickly copy the text of any posted comment in Discussions via the Copy text icon that appears on the hover menu, in between the Like and Action menu icons.



76 other bug fixes and/or performance enhancements.


Did you know that a couple of days ago it was National Ice Cream Day? It's the third Sunday in July, so this year it fell on the 21st, which also happens to be National Junk Food Day AND National Be Someone Day! Of course, I honored all three at once and celebrated National "Be Someone Who Eats Junk Food and Ice Cream" Day (making it no different than any other day of the year for me).

Edible Emojifact: Soft Ice Cream emoji was added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015

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