Fries release notes (build 43.6.41)

Released from test to production on 2019 June 26


JOS-17939 Organize Library by dragging and dropping Volumes/Categories

Drag and drop functionality has now been enabled for the following actions in Library: Moving Volumes between Categories, reordering Volumes, and reordering Categories. In all cases, you need the required Volume or Category Librarian permissions to do the move.

JOS-13145 Separated content/settings in Events, Classifieds editors

Following the successful redesign of the News editor, Events and Classifieds have received similar makeovers. When creating a new Event notice or Classified ad, the content features (title, body, images) will still be found on the left while the settings (visibility, publishing dates, notifications, etc.) have been moved to an Options column on the right.

JOS-17869 Discussion attachments

The UI for managing attachments in Discussions has been upgraded for a clearer, easier-to-use experience.

JOS- 17562 Location indicator flag on individual preferences

Contributors will now have the option of turning off their location indicator when they are online (via My Preferences). Previously this feature could only be enabled or disabled via browser settings. Note that there is already an option to turn this off org-wide in Admin settingsContributor Profiles > Contributor Online Indicator. 

JOS-18151 Contributor limit added to the Discussions whitelist

Currently, the Discussion whitelist allows orgs to control which individuals can start a Discussion. Now, orgs can impose a limit on the number of Contributors that can be added to a Discussion, and use the whitelist to manage individuals with permission to exceed that limit. Interested orgs can contact for more information.


90 other bug fixes and/or performance enhancements.


Did you know that those oh-so-delicious but certainly not nutritious McDonald's fries are harboring a dark secret? And no, it's not that they're not really made from potatoes (they are). However, that doesn't mean they're exactly vegan-friendly.

It's about that addictive, world-famous taste that McDonald's fries have. Turns out that it's due to "natural beef flavor" added to the vegetable oil used in their fry pans. So, if avoiding animal products is part of your regular diet, you might have to say "bye-bye fries" from now on (or, you could just choose to believe that this flavoring is simply a by-product of cows enjoying leisurely dips in soothing vats of veggie oil and soaking for a little big, bovine tea bags).

Edible emojifact: The French fries emoji was added to Emoji 1.0 on 2015

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