Egg release notes (build 43.5.25)

Released from test to production on 2019 June 06


JOS-12333 Drag and drop for Library files

Files and folders can now be dragged and dropped into folders within their same Volume (in either the Library table or side navigation tree).

JOS-13666 Discussions: Improved comment actions 

The comment action icons in Discussions have been redesigned for a cleaner and more intuitive user experience. This new approach will also make it easier for us to scale in more functionality in the future.

JOS-14478 Updates to the Google Apps Automation Screen 

For Google-integrated customers, improvements have been made to the G Suite Automation screen in Administration settings.  System Administrators who bulk manage their Contributors will now see detailed information about the automation options that are available to them when on this screen.

JOS-17865 Alert messages for Discussions that target 30+ users

To help reduce notifications, an alert will be displayed for users who are creating or editing Discussions that are targeted to more than 30 individuals. This alert will recommend alternatives like changing a Private Discussion to Discoverable and/or reducing the number of targeted individuals.


75 other bug fixes and/or performance enhancements.


Did you know that there's actually an answer to that age-old conundrum, "Which came first, the chicken or the egg"? Turns out it was the chicken! Apparently, a component of eggshells—a particular protein—can only be found in chicken ovaries. In other words, you can only get an egg(shell) if it was developed inside a chicken.

But despair not, egg-truthers! For if you consider the Chicken McNugget and the Egg McMuffin, then there the egg did indeed come first. So…at least there’s that.

Edible Emojifact: The Egg emoji was added to Emoji 3.0 in 2016

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