Tasks (early access beta)


**This information is intended for customers enrolled in the Tasks early access beta.**

NOTE—this beta is not accepting any new testers at this time. If you have any questions about the Tasks beta, please contact your Customer Success Manager.


Beta notes

Please keep in mind that as this is not the full release version, there are limitations due to functionality that has yet to be added. Performance issues may also be expected.

Refer to the list at the end of this article to see the features that are not currently supported in Tasks, but are scheduled to be added in the future.


About Tasks

Tasks is a new, integrated feature of the Jostle platform that enables users to assign, track and collaborate on work-related tasks. It can also be used to manage personal to-do lists and reminders.

Before your organization can start using Tasks, a System Administrator will need to enable the feature in Admin settings > Platform > Enabled/Disabled features.


Creating a task

1. Click on Tasks at the top of the Main Navigation and it will slide out a third of the way over your intranet screen. (NOTETasks acts as an overlay, not a separate view, so you can still navigate through your intranet while it is open)

2. At the top of Tasks, click the "+" in the Action Bar to open a new form.




3. Fill out the form with your task details: Name and Assigned to are required, Due date and Description are optional (see below for how to assign more than one person).



4. When you're ready to send your task, click Save at the top of the screen. The task will then automatically be sent to everyone included on the task.

NOTETo close Tasks at any time, click on the arrow tab that appears on the top right side of the panel.



Assigning a task

By default, your name will appear in the "Assigned to" field on the task form. Click the "x" to remove yourself if you want to assign someone else.

To assign more than one person to the task, click the Edit Collaborators link. You can also remove any individuals you've added via Actions > Remove or remove everyone via Clear.

When you're done adding/removing individuals, click the "<" to return to the main form:



Managing a task

When you open Tasks, your active and completed tasks will appear on the list, with the most recently created or edited tasks at the top.

Click on a task to view its Details. In the Timeline you can review any comments left by others as well as see any actions that have been taken on the task.



Actions you can take on your task from this screen include:

  • Mark the task as Completed
  • Delete the task (via the three dot Action Menu icon in the top right corner)
  • Add a comment to the Timeline
  • Access the Edit screen (via "Edit" in the Action Bar)
  • Return to the list (via the "<" in the Action Bar)

On the Edit screen you can:

  • Add or remove people from the task (via Edit Contributors)
  • Change or remove the Due date
  • Update the Description

To exit from the Edit screen either click Save or "<" in the Action Bar.


Completed tasks

When you mark a task as Completed, it will appear crossed out on your list.




If you don’t want to delete your completed tasks but do want to remove them from view, click the filter icon at the top of your list and check off Hide completed.




Coming Soon

Planned for future versions of Tasks:

  • Attachments 
  • Creating tasks from: Discussions, Library items
  • @ mentions
  • Notification preferences
  • Red dot notification
  • Due date notification email
  • Manual sorting
  • Copy link to task
  • Search indexing
  • Duplicate task
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Additional metadata fields
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