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  1. Creating a task
  2. Assigning a task
  3. Managing a task
  4. Archiving/Deleting a task
  5. Smart Lists


About Tasks

Tasks is an integrated feature of the Jostle platform that enables users to assign, track, and collaborate on work-related tasks. Tasks is also an effective way to manage personal reminders.

System Administrators can disable Tasks at any time in Administration settings > Views and Functions > Manage Views and Options.

For customers interested in adding Tasks to their current subscription, please contact your Customer Success Manager for more information.

ALSO: Customers with Library and Tasks enabled on their platforms can add the Sign Off feature to Library items and issue related tasks to everyone that item is visible to. For more info, go here.


Creating a task

1. Click on Tasks at the top of the Main Navigation and it will slide out a third of the way over your platform screen. (NOTETasks acts as an overlay, not a separate view, so you can still navigate through your platform while it is open)

2. At the top of Tasks, click the "+" in the action bar to open a new form (the option to create a task can also be found on the action menus for Library items and Discussion comments).




3. Fill out the form with your task details: Name and Assigned to are required, Due date and Description are optional (see below for how to assign more than one person).



4. When you're ready to send your task, click Save at the top of the screen. The task will then automatically be sent to everyone included on the task.

NOTEto close Tasks at any time, click on the arrow tab that appears on the top right side of the panel.



Assigning a task

By default, your name will appear in the "Assigned to" field on the task form. To remove yourself (or anyone else) from a task you're creating, click the "x" across from the corresponding name.

NOTE—if the task has already been created, you'll have to click Edit at the top of the screen before you'll be able to remove anyone.


To assign more than one person to the task, go to Edit Collaborators on the Task Details screen and click on the Collaborators bar to pull up the Edit Collaborators screen.


You can also remove everyone you've added via Clear (at the bottom of the Edit Collaborators screen). When you're done adding/removing individuals (or groups) click Save to return to the main form:



Managing a task

When you open Tasks, the top section will display the default set of lists you can use to to sort and view your tasks:



Click on a list to view its tasks. A red dot next to a task indicates that it is a new task or an existing task that has been updated.



Select any task to view the Task Details. In the Timeline you can review any comments left by others as well as see any actions that have been taken on the task.



Task actions

Actions you can take directly on the main Task Details screen include:

  • Mark the task as Completed
  • Add a comment or attachment or @mention someone in the Timeline
  • Access the Edit screen (via "Edit" in the Action Bar)
  • Return to the list (via the "<" in the Action Bar)

Actions available via the Edit link:

  • Add or remove people from the task (via "Edit Collaborators")
  • Change or remove the Due date
  • Update the Description
  • Exit from the Edit screen (either click Save or "<" in the Action Bar)

Actions from the Task Details action menu ("three dots" icon in the right corner):

  • Mute notification for the task ("red dot" due date notifications)
  • Duplicate the task (to one or more people)
  • Copy Link to the task's location
  • Archive the task (see next section)



Quick Actions 

Quick actions you can take on a task from the Tasks list:

  • Mark task as read/unread (hover over task, select the envelope icon)
  • Mute/unmute notifications for the task (hover over task, select the bell icon)




Archiving/Deleting a task

Tasks no longer need to be deleted to be taken out of an active state, and can be moved to the Archived list instead. Archived tasks can be stored, deleted, or unarchived.




The Archive option for a task appears on its Task Details action menu (where it has actually replaced the Delete option). 




If you want to delete a task, you'll need to archive it first. Once a task is moved to the Archived list, the options Delete and Unarchive will be available via its Task Details screen:




TIP: If a task has been finished, don't archive it right away. Instead, check off the box next to Completion status, and it will appear crossed out on your list. then if you need to re-open the task, you can simply uncheck it.




Smart Lists

Smart Lists is a feature that gives users new ways of filtering and sorting their tasks.

When you open Tasks, you'll see two sections of lists. The upper section contains the default system-managed lists for sorting your tasks (All, Unread, etc.). 

In the lower section is My Smart Lists. This section provides three default specialized sorting lists (Assigned to me, Assigned to others, Created by me), but users can choose combinations of pre-set filters (e.g., "Due by", "Created by", etc.) and/or criteria (e.g., keywords found in a task's title) to create customized task sorting lists of their own that they can save for ongoing use as well.




To create a Smart List

  1. Open Tasks and scroll down to My Smart Lists.
  2. Click on Add List
  3. On the Smart List Settings , enter the basic task details you want saved to this list.                                                                                         SmartListcreate00.png                                                   
  4. Click on Add a Filter and select any additional filters you want applied to this list.                                                                                                                                                                                              SmartListcreate03.png                                                                                                                                                                      
  5. Click Save
  6. On the screen that appears next, enter a name for your Smart List, then click Save again.
  7. Your list should now appear under My Smart Lists.

(NOTE—the Smart List that would've been created based on the information in the images above would be one that pulled up all tasks that were: created by you, assigned to anyone, and due before a certain date)

TIP: You can also create new Smart Lists by saving modified versions of existing lists (see below).


To edit a Smart List

  1. Go to My Smart Lists.
  2. Click on the list you want to edit.
  3. Select the filter icon in the action bar.
  4. Make your edits (add/remove/modify filters) and then click Save.
  5. Refresh your browser tab to update Tasks with your edits.



To modify an existing Smart List and save it as a new one

  1. Follow steps 1-4 of To edit a Smart List (above).
  2. Then click the action menu (three dots) and select Save as a new Smart List.
  3. Enter a name for your new list when prompted and then click Save.
  4. Your new list will now appear in My Smart Lists.


To delete, hide/show, or rename a Smart List



  1. Click the gear icon at the top of Tasks.
  2. Select Manage Smart Lists.
  3. Locate the list and open its action menu.
  4. Select your option and follow the steps provided.



TIP: You can also hide any of the default lists (except for "All")





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  • 0

    If I create a task and add a collaborator, will the task show up as completed for me if the collaborator completes it first?  

    If I create a task with multiple collaborators...will it show up as completed when one collaborator completes the task?


  • 0
    Permanently deleted user

    Hi Justin,

    Yes, any collaborator you add to a task has the ability to mark it "Completed" and it will show as "Completed" for everyone included on that task (but you can easily make a task active again by removing the check next to "Completed").

    If you want to avoid this scenario, you could always add something to your descriptions indicating if/when your collaborator(s) can update the task status, or if it will be your responsibility only.


  • 0

    Good to know.  So, if I wanted each individual collaborator to complete their own task (separate from others), I would need to duplicate that task.  This would still allow me visibility to see when each individual collaborator completes the task?

  • 0
    Permanently deleted user

    Correct. If you, say, duplicate a task for three people, they'll each get their own individual task and you'll be able to see each one and track when each one is completed.


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    Thank you Vince!

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