Avocado release notes (build 43.1.39)

Released from test to production on 2019 April 11


Tasks (Beta) (JOS-16642)

(Closed beta version) Tasks is a new integrated feature of the Jostle platform that allows users to assign, track and collaborate on work-related tasks.


News: Featured banner (JOS-14705)

The News item option “Feature and Pin” has now become two separate options: "Feature" highlights articles for a preset duration in a carousel at the top of the News view, and "Pin" affixes articles to the top row of the News Summary Tiles, where they'll remain in place until read. Both options can also be used together, so that after a Featured item runs its course, it's automatically pinned to the top row (until read).



71 other bug fixes and/or performance enhancements.


Yes, we released 26 fruit-themed updates, which we then followed with 26 vegetable-themed updates. But I can assure you, just because this release is titled "Avocado", it does not mean we’re kicking off another food-based theme.

This time around, our naming convention is based on things that have been immortalized as…emojis. (Which, in all honesty, will still end up becoming a very food-heavy theme).

Did you know that the avocado emoji was approved and added to Emoji 3.0 in 2016? Most likely still waiting approval, though, is an "avocado hand" emoji. Needed so that ever-increasing group of individuals, whose hands end up sliced, stabbed, and skewered due to their improper avocado paring technique, will no longer have to type out letter by letter why it's taking them so long to compose their text messages.

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    Jalesa Hunn

     "Feature" highlights articles for a preset duration in a carousel at the top of the News view. This feature is not working on our platform, not sure if I am doing something wrong, but I need an explanation as to why the feature is not working if I am clicking "feature in banner" and publishing. Thank you

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    Bruce Milton


    Once you have checked Feature in Banner, you need to specify a feature until date in the fields that open up. It will then display in the banner until that date and time and then drop down into the normal tiles.

    Hope that helps, Bruce

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