Yam release notes (build 42.25.29)

Released from test to production on 2019 March 17


Improved Events and Classifieds management tables (JOS-16725, JOS-16962)

The management tables for items in Events (Drafts, Scheduled, Future, Past, Archived) and Classifieds (Drafts, Published, Archived) have been given makeovers. Similar to the tables in News and Library, the Events and Classifieds tables have been streamlined to be more intuitive and easier to read and navigate.


32 other bug fixes and/or performance enhancements.




Did you know that the yam's controversial history in North America reads like the headlines of some tabloid scandal?

NEW TUBER IN TOWN: Appearing with veteran veggie Sweet Potato, Yam makes a smash debut at the Southern US Farm Show: "I may be sweet, but I'm no potato!"

GARDEN GOSSIP: Shocking! "Yam" isn't her real name - what's she hiding?

SPUD SECRETS: Revealed! Yam: Just a soft-variety Sweet Potato forced into a lie! It was only a nickname - until they said "No - now it's your ONLY name"!

OUTRAGEOUS DISCOVERY: Real Yam found in Africa! The true tuber soon to arrive in North America!

WE’VE GOT OUR “EYES” ON YOU: Soft Sweet Potato farmers busted for Yam scheme! Facing charges after "forgetting" to add required "Sweet Potato" distinction when labeling their product as "Yams"!

Seriously, if these were real people instead of vegetables, Netflix would greenlight a 10-episode "Sweet Potato & Yam: The Inside Story" docu-series in a heartbeat.

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