Ximenia release notes (build 42.24.31)

Released from test to production on 2019 March 04 


Improved News item management tables (JOS-16046)

The News item management tables (Drafts, Scheduled, Published, and Archived) have been given a makeover. Similar to the tables used in Library, the News tables have been streamlined to be more intuitive and easier to read and navigate.


Contributor lookup in List Selector (JOS-16424)

When using the List Selector to target an audience, the number indicating the total of included Contributors can now be clicked on to display a searchable list of all the targeted individuals. This can be useful, for example, when you want to confirm if a particular Contributor has been included as part of a Team or Location that you have added to your target audience.


Title tooltip added for News items (JOS-16482)

When News items are published to the News view, those with long titles end up getting truncated with an ellipsis. Now, when a cursor hovers over a News tile, a tooltip appears that displays the complete title—allowing viewers to tell at-a-glance what any News item is about without having to open it.


Settings Preview added to Calls (Beta) (JOS-16707)

Users enrolled in the beta testing of the Calls feature will now see a Settings Preview screen before they begin a session. This will provide a chance to check the mic and speaker volumes and camera quality prior to the session. The Settings Preview can also be pulled up anytime during a session by clicking the “?” on the Call popup screen.  (NOTE—the beta testing for Calls is now closed)


Enable “allow-same-origin” in the Links sandbox (JOS-16925)

The “allow-same-origin” value has been implemented in the iframe sandbox in Links. The allows for more pages to be embedded in the sandbox and enables the use of cookies within the embedded pages.



Login page upgrades (inc. branded login pages) (JOS-15873)

Shortly after the Ximenia release, widespread upgrades to the login pages will be rolled out. These upgrades will improve the error messaging and routing and allow for customer branding on their login pages.

(NOTESystem Admins should ensure the “Contributor requests” contact information is up to date in Administration settings > Platform > Account notifications)

Branded login pages will pull an org's branding information from the Brand Your Intranet settings (Administration settings > Platform > Brand Your Intranet).

  •  Orgs that are already using the Brand Your Intranet feature and have a subdomain URL (i.e. "https://<yoursubdomain>") will be able to have their branding automatically applied to their login page.
  • Orgs without a subdomain URL will only see their branded login page after an initial login to retrieve their org info.


Customers that make changes to their brandifcation settings after the feature rolls out will have to wait up to 24 hours for their changes to be applied.

Customers using brandification for the first time will also have to wait up to 24 hours for their changes to be applied.

Customers who don't save cookies will need to have a subdomain url in order to have a branded login page.

Customers with premium branding will need to contact Support to have their branding applied.


UPDATE—this feature will now be arriving just before the Ximenia release.



103 other bug fixes and/or performance enhancements.


Did you know Ximenia americana is a plum-like fruit native to the tropics? However (there's always a "however"), it qualifies for our vegetable-themed list because in some regions of Asia, the almond-scented ximenia leaves are cooked and served as a vegetable.

HOWEVER (see?), if a dish is prepared with uncooked ximenia leaves, then what will be served is...a fatal feast. That's right—the almond scent of ximenia leaves is due to their high concentration of cyanide­. So, if anyone offers to make you a "fresh ximenia salad", make sure it's a fruit salad they have in mind...otherwise skip the “dine” and head straight to "dash".


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