VeggieBurger release notes (build 42.22.42)

Released from test to production on 2019 Feb 03


Alphanumeric sorting in List Selector (JOS-11634)

Previously, when creating or editing a target list in List Selector, the individuals included on the list weren't displayed in any discernible order. Now, individuals will be displayed in alphanumeric order, with any new individuals initially placed at the top of the list. The same sorting will be applied to any additional sections of the list (Teams, Locations, etc.).

Discussions: New Comments more visible (JOS-16432)

To make it easier to see when new Comments have been added to a Discussion since your last visit, a red "Since your last visit" banner will appear after your last viewed Comment. This replaces the former indicator, the grey bookmark icon.


28 other bug fixes and/or performance enhancements.


Did you know that vegetables aren't the main component of the increasingly-popular veggie burger? (Which lines up quite nicely, seeing as how vegetables aren't the main component of our vegetable-themed release names, either). The meat substitute in most veggie burgers comes from grains like rice and wheat, while the few vegetables that are added, like carrots, corn, and onions, provide texture and taste.

The worldwide rise of veggie burger can partly be attributed to McDonald's, which has a variety of veggie burgers available on their international menus. These include the: McVeggie (India, Greece, Portugal), McGarden (Sweden), McVegan (Finland), McFalafel (Egypt), VegiMac (Switzerland), and...the Groentenburger (aka “Vegetable Burger”), because apparently The Netherlands don't go for any of that cutesy branding stuff.

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