Radish release notes (build 42.18.26)

Released from test to production on 2018 Dec 02


Discussions open at newest comment (JOS-15266)

Previously, when opening or returning to a Discussion, users would have to click a “Jump to latest” button to skip to the most recent comment. Now, a Discussion will always show the most recent comment first, with an option to “Jump to unread” if there are any previous unseen comments that have scrolled out of view.

Location added to Events list info (JOS-13815)

The location has now been added an Event’s information on the Events list, appearing directly above the title of the Event. Users can now see the date, time, location, name, and type of any Event on their list without having to open the Event notice.

Improved uploading to Activity (JOS-15489)

The initial stage of an improved infrastructure has been implemented in Activity. This improvement allows for direct uploading of files, including large images and GIFs, in the Activity feed (desktop only).

Content changes to Birthday and Anniversary announcements (JOS-14469)

The content of the Birthday and Anniversary announcements have been freshened up, given a splash of character, and made more consistent across all areas these announcements appear.

Support for empty roles in Charts (CSV upload) (JOS-14040)

Empty roles are now supported when uploading a Chart via CSV. What this means is that a Chart can now be imported with role names in place (like “Vice President”, “Sales Manager”, etc.) without requiring any people to be attached to those roles. The empty roles will still be required to have a designated supervisor (which can also be an empty role).


Russian and Swedish (JOS-15973)

Russian and Swedish have been added to the supported Language options in My Preferences.


72 other bug fixes and/or performance enhancements.


Did you know that radishes are packed with a plethora of amazing traits? It can thrive in cool climates, some varieties can be ready to harvest in just 3-4 weeks and it can serve as a "companion plant" to other crops since its odor is known to deter invasive insects like aphids, cucumber beetles, squash bugs, and ants.

But the most amazing thing about radishes is that I'm pretty sure they hold the record for "most varieties that sound like a My Little Pony character”: Bunny Tail, Cherry Belle, White Icicle, Snow Belle, Plum Purple, Red King, French Breakfast...okay, that last one sounds more like a racehorse than a My Little Pony—but still, very much equine-related.


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    Brian Swart

    Is there a way to make these release notes postable as news items in Jostle without having to copy and paste them?

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    Brad Palmer

    I'm sorry Brian, but there is not. And a fair number of the items in these Notes will not be applicable to your users at large, so I'm guessing you will want to cherry pick a bit anyway. We do use the new feature popup to highlight the high impact ones to all users.

    Also note our What's Jostling email newsletter, which highlights the highest impact items. Any user can subscribe to this via their Preferences. It issues roughly once per month.


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