Potato release notes (build 42.16.38)


Released from test to production on 2018 Nov 04


Improvements to the Login Settings screen (JOS-14532)

In Administration settings > Platform > Login settings, additional text has been provided for System Administrators that helps clarify the Jostle password login option and the individual password reset action.

Information added to Event Reminders (JOS-15270)

Previously, Event Reminder notices would only indicate the name of the upcoming Event. Now, they will contain the same information that appears on New Event notices: Time, Location, and Invited Group.

Improved emoji rendering (JOS-15234)

For emoji-only comments, the font size has been increased to allow for a better rendering of the emojis (font size will remain unchanged for text + emoji comments).

Supported languages update (JOS-15462)

In My Preferences > Languages, improvements have been made to German translation support.



77 other bug fixes and/or performance enhancements.


Did you know that when Hasbro’s Mr. Potato Head toy debuted in 1952, it was originally sold as just a bunch of facial feature pieces with no head? That's because parents were supposed to supply the head themselves—a REAL potato (making it probably the only time children were ever encouraged to play with their food).

Kids went on to jab the kit’s sharp play-pieces into slowly-rotting spuds for over a decade—until 1964, when Hasbro was finally motivated by rising safety concerns to update their product to the one we know today: a plastic potato body with slots and holes to accommodate more rounded (and less stabby) play-pieces.


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