Onion release notes (build 42.15.35)

Released from test to production on 2018 Oct 20



Editing of List Presets (JOS-14714)

In PEOPLE > Manage > List Presets, System Admins can now edit any of their saved List Presets. Selecting a list from the column on the left will open it in Edit mode, clicking Save at the top of the screen will update any changes made to the list. NOTE—editing a List Preset does not change the view permissions of anything published to the previous version of that list. 

NEWS item viewer lists (JOS-15001)

NEWS Admins can now get a detailed list of who has viewed individual NEWS items. Clicking on the number of views link at the top of any NEWS item they have edit rights for will allow Editors or Reporters to download a CSV list with the names of everyone who has viewed that article.

NEWS metrics (JOS-14673)

Monthly publishing stats and weekly engagement rates for NEWS and Activity can now be accessed in NEWS. NEWS Editors can view a graphic report of their organization’s NEWS and Activity metrics via the gear icon in the upper right corner.

Org-wide default preferences (JOS-14226)

System Admins can now access a gear icon at the top of their My Preferences that enables them to create the default settings that appear in My Preferences for all new users as well as users who opt to reset their current preferences.

JostleTV beta:  Exclude content before date (JOS-13957)

Users participating in the beta release of JostleTV will now be able to select a cut-off date that will exclude any content created before that date from appearing on the TV display.


68 other bug fixes and/or performance enhancements.


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