Library troubleshooting (for Google-integrated platforms)


Jostle Librarian

For Google-integrated customers experiencing Library errors, many of these can be tied to problems relating to their organization’s jostle_librarian account in Google Admin. All Library files are held in the drive of the jostle_librarian account, so when there is a problem with that account, it will result in errors in Library. Below is a list of known Library errors and what jostle_librarian scenarios may cause them.


Library Errors

Can’t access Library files or complete the following item actions: uploading, downloading, viewing, making new Google items, making copies from Google Drive.

This would happen if the jostle_librarian account in Google Admin has been deleted, resulting in all files associated with that account (aka all files in Library) to be lost.

Library files can be accessed but making copies from Google Drive can’t be done.

This could happen if the jostle_librarian account has been suspended (so long as the Google Drive and Jostle are still enabled for jostle_librarian).

Users can view and download Library files, but nothing can be uploaded, created, or copied.

There are two possible reasons for this to happen:

  • Google Drive is not enabled for jostle_librarian 
  • the Jostle App is not enabled for the jostle_librarian user in Google Admin.

Some users can’t view or edit files even though they have permission.

This could be related to problems with the Master Account (the Google Admin User account that would’ve been used when setting up your Google/Jostle integration). This account should have a Super Admin or User Management Admin role as well as a Groups Admin role. If this account was improperly set up, then Jostle may not be able to mange the access control of Library items.

For more on assigning these and other Admin roles, refer to Google's Pre-built admin roles.


Google Admin

To view the account status of jostle_librarian and other users:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on Users
  3. Locate the user’s name and look to their status column


NOTE—to see what apps are enabled for your Admin users, click on their name from the Users list and then click Apps.


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