Logging in with Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)


Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) provides an additional layer of security for your organization's employee platform by requiring more than one credential to verify a user's identity.


Setting up your MFA login

MFA login can be set by your System Administrator as "Optional" or "Mandatory" for each user. If your organization has set it as "Optional", then your Login Invite will direct you to the screen below. Here is how you complete your MFA setup from there:


NOTE—to complete the setup process you will need to download an authenticator app (for example, Google Authenticator) from the Apple App Store or Google Play to your mobile device or tablet.

1. On the MFA login screen select Setup Authenticator App.

2. When you reach the Setup Authenticator App screen (image below), open the authenticator app on your mobile device.

3. Depending on the device, select either Begin Setup or Set up Account

4. Select Scan Barcode and use your device's camera to scan the QR code from the Setup screen, shown below (do NOT scan the QR code below, scan the one on your actual Setup screen).


5. If the scan is successful, select the Next button (NOTE—if you can't scan the QR code, select the Manual Entry* option in the app and then manually enter the key that appears at the bottom of the Setup screen). 

6. On the next screen you will need to enter the passcode being randomly generated by the app (the code will constantly refresh every 30 seconds, as indicated by the timer on the right**).


7. You will then will be prompted to complete your setup by creating your account password following the guidelines provided.



After you have completed your setup, a current passcode from your authenticator app and your account password will be required each time you log on to your platform. 

*You will have to use the Manual Entry method if you are setting up MFA login via mobile.

**Once you've set up the authenticator app, it will constantly be generating codes for your Jostle MFA, so whenever you get prompted to enter a code, just open the authenticator app on your device and grab the code currently showing for your Jostle account. 



Resetting MFA and passwords 

If you wish to reset your MFA settings, you can do so in My Preferences (click your name at the bottom of the Main Navigation and select "My Preferences"), via the red button under the "Sign-in & Security" heading:



System Administrators can also reset your MFA settings (see below). Either way, when your MFA settings have been reset you will be required to redo the MFA setup process as well as reset your password in order to access your account again.

And during this process, or whenever else you're prompted to enter a code, all you have to do is open the authenticator app on your device and enter the code currently on display for your Jostle account (or wait for the timer to run out and grab the next code):

On this screen:


Enter the current code from your authenticator app:



NOTE—if you click the Change my password option in your My Preferences, then you will keep your current MFA configuration and only be required to create a new account password. 


For System Administrators:

  • You can reset an individual user's MFA settings from the Edit User page. Go to Admin Settings > Edit, Re-invite, Disable Users > Find the user > click the Reset MFA Settings button.
  • If you disable and re-enable MFA, it will reset the MFA settings for all users, requiring everyone to redo the MFA setup process.
  • see this article for further information.



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