Teams (Clarify your org structure)

A quick introduction to Teams




Teams is where all the roles and relationships in your organization are defined. Teams uses an org-chart paradigm that captures all kinds of workplace structures including matrix reporting, self-managed teams, and communities of practice. 


The Teams interface consists of the Left navigation, Action Bar, and the Chart View. When you click on a Chart's name in the Left navigation, it populates into the Chart view:




  1. Left navigation is where you’ll find all of your Charts. Click on a Category header to see all the Charts it contains.
  2. Action Bar is where you access your action commands and view selectors.
  3. The Chart View button lets you choose to view the Chart lists in terms of the people’s names, their roles, or their Team names
  4. Edit Chart allows you to make changes to the selected Chart. You will only see this if you have edit rights to this Chart.
  5. Email Org Units will let you select from a list of your Org Units for emailing. It also provides access to the associated email addresses, which you can use in other applications.
  6. View selector allows you to toggle between Team view and Extended view.
  7. Main Organization is the first default Category. It is normally used to clarify the main reports-to structure of your organization.
  8. Working Groups is the second default Category. It typically holds cross-departmental teams, project-based teams, etc. 
  9. Committees & Clubs is the third default Category. It can be used for social teams, etc. You can repurpose any of the Categories, as you see fit.
  10. Any card that is clicked on gets highlighted and moves to becoms the centric card in the view. Only one card can be in focus at a time. If you click on a card that is not in the centric position, it will move there.
  11. This is the Role of the individual on the card.
  12. This solid-line shows a primary relationship between these two Roles.  
  13. This dotted-line shows a secondary relationship between these two Roles.
  14. This header contains the Team name of the focused card’s Team.
  15. Popover Menu appears when you click on the grey Team Name header. From here you can view a Team's Profile or contact/interact with them. 

Org Categories is where System Admins will see an Edit link that will enable them to create additional Categories.

Learn more about Teams and its components here and here.

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