Importing users via CSV (basic import)


Adding user data

The CSV process makes it easy to use spreadsheets to import a large number of users all at once.

There are dozens of fields available on the user import template to enter data about your users. However, it's generally considered a good practice for your initial import to use a basic version of the import template (see Attachments below) and only include columns for the required fields. 

The four required fields and what they should contain are:

  • FirstName: First name of the user.
  • LastName: Last name of the user.
  • Username: Must be unique per user and must be a valid email address. To enable Google OpenID for a Contributor, you must enter their OpenID email address as their Username. If your organization is set up for Single Sign-On, you must enter their email address in your organization as Username.
  • WorkEmail: Must be a valid email address that corresponds to the contributor. Normally this field will match the Username field.

These fields also occupy the first four columns on the template (A-D) and all other columns can be ignored for now. As you fill in the required data for your users, it should look something like this:




Importing your file

If you haven’t already, download the template from the link below and begin entering your data, following the example above.

When you're finished creating your file and ready to import your users:

  1. Save the file (ensuring it's saved as a .csv file)
  2. Go to your platform's Administration Settings (via the Admin Settings link at the bottom of the Main Navigation)
  3. Go to User data to/from other systems > Import users (CSV)
  4. Select "Jostle user template" then click Continue
  5. Click Choose file, then go to where you saved your .csv file and select it.
  6. Click Upload
  7. If there are any errors on the file, Jostle provides you with a downloadable report stating which rows contained errors and what the errors were.  Once those are corrected, upload the sheet again to add/edit the proper information.



For the Full User Import Template and Template guide, go here.



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